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American Health Information Management Association Essay - 811 Words

    • Joining the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) benefits individuals and distinguishes them apart from others.
      AHIMA labels individual’s as competent, knowledgeable and committed to the association through quality healthcare delivery and quality information.
      The American Health Information Management Association was founded in 1928, was set up to improve health record quality. It has played the leadership role in the effective management of health data and medical records needs to deliver the best to the public via their healthcare. AHIMA is the largest association of health care information management professionals, serving an approximate 52 affiliated component state associations and more than 64,000 members. AHIMA is committed to advancing the Health Information Management profession in an increasingly electronic and global environment through leadership in advocacy, education, certification, and lifelong learning. Even today they are still trying to advance the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs) by leading key industry initiatives and advocating high standards throughout the medical work places, such as your Doctors to the Hospitals. This industry tries to keep its members up to date with the technology that is provided to the medical world and also that it is used correctly. In 1991 the AHIMA underwent an incredible change by expanding its clinical scope beyond the single hospital medical record information comprising the entire continuum of care and also changed their name to the American Health Information Management Association.

      The mission statement or purpose of the American Health Information Management Association, (AHIMA) pertains to “leading the advancement and ethical use of quality health information to promote health and wellness worldwide; and leads the health informatics and information management community to advance professional practice and standards” (the American Health Information Management Association, 2010).
      Fifth, it plays the role of getting together practitioners who are not familiar to the “mission, values, as well as, ethical principles” of the “Health Information Management” (American.., 2004).

      This is a fabulous professional association to belong to for anyone who works in healthcare, but its focus primarily adheres to those individuals in health care management and medical coding and data safety.
      The Code of Ethics prepared by the “American Health Information Management Association” is essential and applicable to all the members of the aforementioned, as well as, those “Health Information Management” professionals and students who were given such credentials whatever tasks & functions they are assigned to; no matter where the location they’re at; and whatsoever race they serve (American.., 2004).

      AHIMA is a worldwide professional association of recognized leaders in health information management, informatics, heath data technology, innovation, and proactively endorses the technological advancements of health information systems that enhance the delivery of quality healthcare.
      AHIMA recognizes that superior quality health care and clinical data are critical resources needed for effective healthcare, and works to assure that the health information used in care, research, and health management is valid, accurate, complete, trustworthy, and timely. This group is concerned about the effective management of health information from all sources and its application in all forms of healthcare and wellness preservation. Health issues, disease, and care quality also transcend across national borders. AHIMA’s professional interest is in the application of best health information management practices when and wherever they are needed. (The American Health Information Management Association, 2010).

      Centering on AHIMA’s Code of Ethics and applicable law, AHIMA endorses the ethical and appropriate use of health information; and its members will ascribe to and conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Ethics as part of their professional responsibility (the American Health Information Management Association, 2010).
      The “American Health Information Management Association or AHIMA” for short has several reasons for developing a Code of Ethics (American.., 2004). This started from the premise that the “Health Information Management” has the commitment and responsibility of displaying acts which mirror “values, ethical principles, as well as, ethical guidelines” (American.., 2004).

      The Code of Ethics that AHIMA requires and adheres to contains six areas, each standing for a certain pertinent rules and regulations for its members. The first concern is called preamble provides and produces the ethical obligation of AHIMA members and credentialed professionals who are not members.
      In addition to that, with the absence of a Code of Ethics, professional members would have more reason to act in a manner that is unacceptable, dishonorable or moral (American.., 2004).

      Values are the second which pertains to the standards of...
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      • Electronic Health Information Management Essay ...
      Health information technology enables healthcare providers to capture standardized data and use it to inform patient care and communicate across a range of clinical settings.
      First of all, it categorizes the morals on which the “Health Information Management” is founded upon (American.., 2004).

      Health IT also supports one of the strongest tenets of nursing - educating the patient and family (ANA, 2014). It was in 2007 when our hospital transitioned to all computer-based documentation. There is no doubt that it made our life so much easier.
      Fourth, it serves as a set of rules for the “Health Information Management” professional to be held responsible if it’s called for by the people or the public (American.., 2004).

      The constant looking for the bulky charts, piles of paper results from radiology and laboratory, and the sometimes-outdated medication administration records vanished. Materials for patient education were then previously printed by unit secretaries and stocked in a file cabinet.
      Last but not least, it is for the purpose of the “Health Information Management” professional to personally evaluate himself or herself in a situation wherein, he or she feels that he may have engaged in an immoral or dishonorable act (American.., 2004).

      I was unsure how old these materials were, but I used them anyway. These education materials were general information regarding a specific procedure or diagnosis. They were not personalized to suit the patient’s education needs.
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      The computerization of all the health information of the patients following the implementation of Epic (the software we use for documentation) changed all that. The transition from paper-based to computer-based health information management is not only beneficial to health care workers but it ultimately benefits the recipients of health care. With the implementation of Epic in our organization,...

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    • Health Information Management Essay ...History of the Health Information Management Profession Health information management (HIM) is the practice of maintenance and care of health records by traditional (paper-based) and electronic means in hospitals, physician's office clinics, health departments, health insurance companies, and other facilities that provide health care or maintenance of health records.
      Third, it lends a hand to “Health Information Management” professional pinpoint essential deliberations or reflections in instances where responsibilities conflict or when hesitations based on ethics comes up (American.., 2004).

      With the widespread computerization of health records and other information sources, including hospital administration functions and health human resources information, health informatics and health information technology are being increasingly utilized in information management practices in the health care sector.
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      (wikipediaorg/wiki/Health_information_management) Health information management's standards history is dated back to the introduction of the American Health Information Management Association, founded in 1928 "when the American College of Surgeons established the Association of Record Librarians of North America (ARLNA) to 'elevate the standards of clinical records in hospitals and...

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    • Health Information Management System Proposal Essay ...Health Information Management System Proposal Health information technology can be best described as the point where information science, medicine, and healthcare all meet. The foundation of healthcare delivery consists of three major elements: cost, access, and quality. The U.S. government reportedly “hopes most Americans have electronic health records by 2014” (Ramachandran, 2013) .It is my proposal to upgrade to a current, cutting-edge health information management system in our office.
      This is because they would think that no Ethics Committee will punish them for it anyway (American.., 2004). They will have the courage to do whatever they want since nobody will be there to file a complaint against them, nobody will assess if the complaint is valid or not, nobody will recommend censure, probation, suspension, and especially suspension (American.., 2004).

      Potential Benefits to the Practice Private practices are not a thing of the past. According to the AMA's recent survey,”53.2% of physicians were self-employed in 2012, 41.8% were employed and 5% were independent contractors” (Robeznieks, 2013). Keeping that in mind, I have listed a few of the potential benefits of HIT to our practice: • Increased access to care - Having patient records stored electronically is in many cases, distance becomes irrelevant when consulting with a physician or the practice. For the patients that are out of the country or simply in another town, we can access their medical records and help them over the phone or allow other physicians access to their records at the patient’s request.
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      • Allows for faster diagnosis when knowing the patient’s medical history and prescription history. Could possibly mean...

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    • The Road to Health Information Management Essay ... Emma Duplantis Personal Finance Coach Bass 5 Feb 2013 The Road to Health Information Management I plan to enroll and attend Columbia State Community College in the fall semester where they offer both need-based and merit-based financial assistance to those who need it. On Columbia State’s website, there is many different links on information on how to apply for different types of aids. The main links to online forms were FASFA, U.S. Department of Education, Tennessee Student Assistant Corporations, Funding Your Education, and The Student Guide. Most of the aid applications are due by March 15th though. By putting in personal information into the “Calculating My Costs” calculator on Columbia States website, I got an early estimate of what my tuition and fees may be after any grants and aids. Additionally to regular tuition for classes, books are estimated to be around $1,200 and for others like labs, fees, and personal expenses, it is around $3,830. The calculator gave me an estimate of around $5,679 in grants and aids, which left me with about $2, 424 a year. Not all of this has to be paid at one time though, Columbia State Community College has a payment option where monthly, you can make payments on your dues. A typical student at Columbia State graduates/transfers within a 2 year time period with a $7,960 loan indebtedness. That being said, if I stayed there for 2 years and finished my basics.
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    • Health Information Systems Summary Essay ... Health Information Systems- Past Present and Future Renea Knight Albany State University Author’s Note This paper is being submitted on June 30, 2015 for Doctor Melissa Jordan’s MGHC 6300 course. Health Information Systems- Past Present and Future Research should include the development and investigation of appropriate trans-institutional information system architectures, of adequate methods for strategic information management, of methods for modeling and evaluating HIS, the development and investigation of comprehensive electronic patient records, in the broad sense as described here, e.g. including home care and health monitoring faculties. The two questions to be discussed will be: which were lines of development in health information systems from the past until today and - what are consequences for health information systems in the future? But first, the terms health information system and hospital information systems will be information systems introduced.
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      Health information systems and hospital information systems are complexes or systems of processing data, information and knowledge in health care environments. Hospital information systems are just one...

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    • Essay about American Public Health Association ...The American Public Health Association The American Public Health Association (APHA) works with its members and affiliates to address today’s public health concerns. Their advocacy for public health stands for public health and emergency preparedness, food safety, hunger and nutrition, climate change/environmental issues, public health infrastructure, disease control, and international health, and tobacco control. “Public health saves money, improves our quality of life, helps children thrive and reduces human suffering. Some examples of the many fields of public health: first responders, restaurant inspectors, health educators, scientists and researchers, nutritionists, community planners, social workers, epidemiologists, public health physicians, public health nurses, occupational health and safety professionals, public policymakers, and sanitarians” (APHA, 2014). APHA is mostly funded by its sponsors, one including The Global Health Fellows program.
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      APHA’s aim is to reduce stigma and provide help to those suffering from health disparities. APHA encourages public health advocates to take a stand and act on public health issues. One way APHA does this is by voicing their...

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    • Essay about Redefining the Roles of Health Information Management Professionals in Health Information Technology ...Redefining the Roles of Health Information Management Professionals in Health Information Technology by Xiaoming Zeng, MD, PhD; Rebecca Reynolds, EdD, RHIA; and Marcia Sharp, MBA, RHIA Health information technology (HIT) is being sought as one of the key elements to streamline the process of providing healthcare to improve quality and harness cost. It is hoped that HIT will lead to a more cost-efficient healthcare system than the current one. Surprisingly, there is no agreed definition of HIT in academic literature or government documentation. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act (a provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) defines health information technology as “hardware, software, integrated technologies or related licenses, intellectual property, upgrades, or packaged solutions sold as services that are designed for or support the use by health care entities or patients for the electronic creation, maintenance, access, or exchange of health information.” It could refer to a broad base of information technologies used in healthcare from robotics surgery to chronic disease home monitoring devices.1 However, there is a consensus on the purpose of HIT as...

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    • Information Management Essay ...addressed in the lecture. How are the disciplines of information management, information technology, and informatics related? How do they differ? The disciplines of information management, information technology, and informatics are all related to contribution of information, contribution of computer, electronic technology, they contain information, collect information, have sources, also distribute information to the audiences. Information management-collection and management of information. Information technology-any technology that assists in the production, manipulation, storage, communication and dissemination of information. Informatics-the science of information, data with meaning, and definition based on data, information, and knowledge. 2. Consider the types of roles and responsibilities of health informaticians. Why are health informaticians critical to a healthcare organization, the community, and public health? Varied assortment of responsibilities such as: help design software for patient care, build and maintain research systems for clinical research, purchase and implement information systems, provide training and assistance to...

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