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Bihar diwas essay in hindi - 40 topics for argumentative essay teenage pregnancy

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Description: Bihar and Orissa was separated from Bengal on 1 April 1912. Patna was the captical. Later, under the Government of India Act of 1935, the Division of Orissa became a separate province.

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Bihar Diwas (Bihar Day) is observed every year on March 22, marking the formation of the state of Bihar. It was on this day when the British carved out the state from Bengal Presidency in 1912. The Day is a public Holiday in Bihar. Bihar Divas was started and celebrated on large scale by Bihar Government in the tenure of Nitish Kumar.

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And later on 15 November 2000 Jharkhand separated from Bihar when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the PM of India.So 1 April marked as Bihar Sthapana Diwas and every year, Bihar Sthapana Diwas is observed on 1 April.Some people prefer to celebrate Bihar Sthapana Diwas on 22 March, citing the reason that 1 April is not suitable for Bihar Diwas, as it is the day of FOOLS.

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Every year the Government of Bihar issues a notification declaring the 22 March to be a public holiday to be celebrated as Bihar Diwas. This holiday applies to all the offices and companies under the jurisdiction of the State and central Government as well as Schools celebrate this day by organising various programmes participated by students.

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download, 6 kb.
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