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CDA Professional Philosophy Statement Essay Sample

I believe that as an early childhood educator I am responsible for providing infants, toddlers, and young children with positive experiences while in my care.

I, at all times, model respect, patience, and care for children and also adults, such as the parents of the children in my care.
Social: Candidate helps each child feel accepted in the group, helps children learn to communicate and get along with others, and encourages feelings of empathy and mutual respect among children and adults. 10. Guidance: Candidate provides a supportive environment and uses effective strategies to help all children learn and practice appropriate and acceptable behaviors as individuals and as a group, and effectively provides support for children with persistent challenging behaviors. IV.

My goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, high-quality, child-centered environment. I believe children learn best through play. I see this everyday watching the children learning to count while building with blocks, or learning colors while painting or coloring with crayons.
To promote good health practices I check each child entering care for symptoms of illness or injury. Everyone washes hands before entering to play and often throughout the day at both routine times (between activities, before/after meals, after toileting) and as needed. I encourage healthy practices through songs, books, activities and routines.

I strive to make an environment for these children so they can excel in all their developmental milestones. Children are more motivated to learn when they are able to make choices. It is my responsibility to make sure they have an environment accessible to them that is stimulating and enriching to help them make these choices.
To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment I model safety practices and healthy routines in an environment that supports development and growth in these areas.

Learning to make positive choices is very important for children as it helps them to see how their choices can, in fact, can affect the people around them. This can make children feel very independent and highly involved in their own learning experiences.
To accomplish this goal I complete daily safety checklists that include ensuring exits and hallways are open, electrical cords are out of reach, evacuation procedures are posted, fire extinguisher is working, emergency numbers are posted by the telephone, sharp objects and cleaning supplies are in locked cabinets, furnishings are structurally sound, toys are in good condition, cribs are sturdy and mattress sheets are snug. To prevent and reduce injuries I involve my children in all safety practices such as creating a "safety board" that the children create about safe choices they make and post it at their level. I model with my actions and words safety practices for example when crossing the street look for cars, during monthly fire drills I remain calm and walk the children through the procedure, and I use a stool to reach in high cupboards (as children do for the sink) and explain it is safest to use a stool. To provide safety for young infants I ensure the side rail is locked in the up position and I always lay infants on their back to reduce the risk of SIDS. For mobile infant safety I ensure that toys and supplies that may create a choking hazard are removed. Knowing that mobile infants enjoy pulling themselves up and climbing I check these areas potential hazards and plan accordingly; such as moving a shelf, providing extra cushion near a climbing area, and staying close to the child to assist them when necessary.

My role here is to help children with their abilities to make positive choices.

My goal as a caregiver is to provide this environment for the children that I described above. To have children feel safe to explore, learn, and express themselves.

In my child care setting, I work hard to provide all children with a safe and healthy learning environment. I research and follow strict standards available from the state related to preventing and reducing injury and illness, helping children feel safe, following sound nutrition and fitness practices, and creating an enriching learning environment.

I provide enriching activities for the children to make discoveries and learn about themselves developmentally.

I strive to form relationships with every child in my care as well as their families. I believe that the relationships between families and caregivers is vital and helps better support the child’s development not only in the center but at home as well.

To establish positive and productive relationships with families. 11. Families: Candidate establishes a positive, cooperative relationship with each child’s family, engages in two-way communication with families, encourages their involvement in the program, and supports the child’s relationship with his or her family. V. To ensure a well-run, purposeful program responsive to participant needs. 12. Program Management: Candidate is a manager who uses all available resources to ensure an effective operation.

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