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Difference Between City Life & Country Life Essay - 898 Words

Born and raised in the city, I often wonder how different my life would be had I been raised in the country. Imagine having to choose to reside in one place for the rest of your life. Which would you opt for? Some people would argue that the hyperactive lifestyle that a big city has to offer has more benefits.
A country is just like an onion; the innermost skin is Culture. Culture is like the soul of a country. All countries have their own unique cultures to live by, which means that people who have grown up in different places will have different ways of behaving, different ways of thinking about things and different ways of expressing themselves. Each country has its own culture, and there are many differences between different countries in culture. Those differences make our world a more colorful and exciting place to live. We can have a better understanding of it if we compare the big cultural differences between America and China. According to my two years of study in America and Intercultural Communication Stumbling Blocks by LaRay M. Barna, which talked about the difference between different cultures, I find two big differences in friendship and education. First difference is friendship. Time is often the best way to test friendship and friends.

However, others would contend that the calm and peaceful environment of the countryside is much more rewarding. Several people move from the city to a farm to get away from the hustle and bustle. Likewise, farmers have traded in their tractors and animals to live a fast paced city life.
The reason why Chinese and Americans have a different opinion on friendship is because our cultures are different. We can’t tell which kind of friendship is right or wrong because there is no such a thing as wrong culture. There are all just different cultures. The second difference is in education.” What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country.” says a Chinese proverb. As we all know, American and Chinese education systems are different, which creates different culture in turn. American education focuses on the students’ creativity and practical ability. In their classes, the teachers just play a role as leaders. Students do lab homework, group work to find out the answer by themselves. However in China, the school is more like a concert hall. This means that students are completely listeners. Students all focus on the textbook, try to memorize everything from the book, and then get a good score.

Of course, not all large cities are the same nor are all of the places in the country identical. Realizing this, ten years ago, I decided …show more content…
People who live in the city are like bees.
They are precipitous and bustling.
It was introduced in 1986. Singapore's population consists of 4,553,009 people. 2,222,757 of these are men and 2,330,252 are women. The total sex ratio is 0.954:1 men: women. 15.2% of the population are aged between 0-14, 76.3% are aged 15-64, and 8.5% are aged 65+. The average age for the people in Singapore is 37.8 years old. The total fertility rate is 1.07 children per woman after the policy was put into place. Before the policy was put into place, women were having 6 children on average.

Because a vast majority of Americans pack themselves into our major cities, there are a lot more activities in the city: shopping malls and restaurants galore, thrift stores, libraries, and concert venues, just to name a few.
For the Chinese, to know each other for a long time, the communication needs to be at a certain depth, finding out each other’s habits, temperament, similar interests and the common experience of “suffering”. Then they will make the recognition of each other as a friend in the heart, and they will value this friendship. Once friendship is established, it will be lifelong, and hard to break. Chinese can share almost everything with their friends, for example, when you are in China, at restaurant, you can actually see people fight for the bill. It’s not about showing off to their friends or someone else. It’s just because they want to show their appreciation for their friendship. On the other hand, for most Chinese, we think Americans are “superficial,” like what Barna said “They talk and smile too much” (67) and “Their friendship are, most of the time, so ephemeral compared to the friendship we have at home. Americans make friends very easily and leave their friends almost as quickly” (67). For Americans, in general it seems to them that Chinese and some other people from different countries are “not necessarily snobs but are very unfriendly,” (67) Because we don’t talk and smile a lot.

Obviously, to get the most out of city life, you need to be able to afford it. Living in a large city is often more expensive and it is not always easy to afford to do everything that is available. But, because there is always something to do in the city, traffic can be grueling.
The last difference is about the economy of both countries. In Colombia, the economy has always been the main problem for the people. Due to the bad economy, this country is unsafe. Also, most people don’t have the opportunity to go to school, plus the fact that there are not enough jobs for everybody. On the contrary, in the United States the economic problems have appeared in the last few years. Moreover, people have more chances of going to school. Also, there are more job opportunities for those who graduate as professionals. Those differences in the economy of both countries are the main reason for Colombians to emigrate and for the Americans to stay in their country.

Higher traffic volumes lead to noise and air pollution as well as an irate and eminently tense population. Crowds and traffic stimulates an angry, less friendly, persona.
As a result of greater demand of city dwellers, housing is more expensive.
The second difference is about the traditions in both countries. In Colombia, most of the population is Catholic. Other religions than the Catholic are less common in this country, so most people share the same traditions about the same religion. Also, Colombia has very typical food. Almost every state has its own traditional dish. For example, ‘Bandeja paisa’ is a typical dish from Antioquia, one of the biggest states in Colombia. Moreover, the family life style in this country includes that children live with their parents until they get married, so it is common to find big families composed by more than six members. Conversely, in the United States there are people with different religions. Also, this is a very diverse country in population, because people from many places have emigrated from their native countries and came to the United States to live. As a result, in many places in the United States residents and visitors can enjoy food from all over the world. In addition, as part of the family life style in this country is normal that children move from their parents’ house as soon as they finish high school. Consequently, young adults become very independent in the United States.

Not only is housing more costly, but the space between neighbors is minimal in the city. I have seen houses in the city so close together that it looks like you could shake hands with your neighbor through the bedroom windows.
Change is a good value and indicative of improvement and growth. Americans thinking about change is very positive. They like mobility, migration, movement and change in their life style. Indian culture, on the other hand, looks upon change as negative. They like stability. They work hard to maintain their status quo. Americans place great emphasis on time and its value. They believe "time is money," and try to make eve...

You may think that having closer neighbors may have some benefits, but most city dwellers don’t even know their neighbor’s name.
Meanwhile, life in the country differs greatly from life in the city. Country nights are quiet and the expansive sky bounteous with brilliant stars that seem brighter than those in the city.
The first difference is the geography. Colombia has 32 states. This country is located in South America. There are mountains almost everywhere in the country, but especially where the Amazons river, known as the greatest river on the earth, is located. On the contrary, the United States has 50 states. This country is located in North America. The mountains are found in some states, but especially in the ones located on the north part of the country. Those differences in geography are reflected in the lifestyle of both countries.

The clean, evening air is permeated with the sounds of katydids, crickets,…

unbelievable dimensions. From the street vendors carts all sorts of things from car fires to computers and even pianos are sold “ (p:102) However, in city there are a lot of big shop or store so people don’t prefer street selling.

Finally, one of the most important advantages of village life is that it is much safer than the city.
Americans believe that they can really control their future. They are more specific to plan things. Indian people, however, believe that everything goes by God's will. They make short term plans. However, Americans always like to plan things ahead. They think they can/should control and dominate nature and the world around them. Americans are more goal-oriented, where as Indian people are more people oriented. They make their goals around people of the family. They even change their goals sometimes if they do not suit the needs of their family or family members. On the other hand, Americans are always ready to do anything to get the job done or achieve their goal.

There are fewer cars than in the city. Therefore, there is no noise of traffic and no accident. What’s more in village, there is no industrial and factorial pollution. That is to…

A Comparison of Country and City Life in Alan Paton's Cry the Beloved Country

602 Words | 3 Pages

community was anything but modern at this time. They little of modern technology and saw very few motorized vehicles.

Couples saw the benefits in having a smaller family, such as more money, higher quality of life and cars. The population increase stayed low. Women started to pursue careers before having children. With a rise in University graduated women failing to marry and bear children, the policy "three or more, if you can afford it" was introduced because the Singaporean government saw this as a social problem.

Quite a bit different from the life in Ndotsheni was the city life of Johannesburg. This was an industrial city thriving off the mining of gold deposits. The white man was making a fortune off of the gold industry.
A compare and contrast essay is the type of assignment where you have to present two different sides or subjects and then show their differences or similarities. You can write such an assignment in different ways depending upon the requirements from the teacher and the prompt of the paper. When writing such essays, make sure you have enough data to discuss and present your case for either similarities or differences and even both. This is critical if your wish to impress your audience with a well written paper.

The city was home to mostly all Afrikaners. The surrounding suburbs were where Africans were able to buy land or set up in shantytowns. This type of housing was barely…

Comparing Standard of Living and Quality of Life Between Countries Using GDP

833 Words | 4 Pages

graph below shows the size of the shadow economy in different country groups as a percentage of Official GDP, 1988 - 2000. It illustrates how much of a nations output is reliant on the shadow economy.

Living in two different countries is an experience that opens people’s mind to a new way of thinking. In my case, I have lived in Colombia and in the United States, and now I understand better Colombia than ever before. Colombia and the United States have differences in geography, traditions, and economy.

This is especially true of developing countries. Country Group Percent of GDP Developing 35-44 Transition 21-30 OECD 14-16 ( Real GDP per capita also ignores a countries distribution of income, as although average real GDP per person…

Way of life differs when people live in different places. No doubt that people lifestyle will be influenced by the society and surrounding environment where they live in. City life and countryside life are obviously very different in several ways, such as population, environment, and utilities.

In conclusion, the best way of finding the differences between two countries is having the experience of living in both. Because of my experience living in Colombia and the United States, I have found that the differences in geography, traditions and economy between Colombia and the United States are very interesting to explore.

First, city life and countryside life are different from population. In big cities there are many people who live there, because job opportunities are abundant and the opportunity of better education…

Education is one of the reasons for living in a big town or city. Both cities and small towns have good and bad schools. However, there are a lot of options in a big city. Most small towns have one or two high schools. On the other hand, a big city has more schools than that. In a big city, you have the option for your career making field. A Big city has universities, colleges and schools. Because of that you can go to more sporting venues, like NBA Basketball games, NBA Football games, as well as…

deterrent when considering suburban living. City residents are often privy to the convenience of catching a cab, train or bus rather than having to drive if they live, work and play in the city. Suburbanites however, can be faced with traffic, long train rides, parking and the expense of gas if they drive. Of course this could all be the same for city dwellers that “reverse commute” or live in the city and work in the suburbs. Those who live in the city with essentially little to no commute time…

Differences Between New York City and Winston Salem North Carolina

582 Words | 3 Pages

and air pollution caused by heavy traffic. In New York City, there are good public transportation and subways that enable you to get around without having to own a personal car.

They hardly come up with their own ideas. That’s why Barna says, “U.S. students often complain that the international members of a discussion or project seem uncooperative or uninterested”. (66) But both of those two educations’ intentions are good. In my view, we should learn the academic knowledge well, but we should also take part in the school activities, improve our interpersonal skills, and creative thinking, so that, we can prepare well for the future challenges. In one word, each country has its own culture. Although there are many differences between different countries, we should respect them and learn from each other. Especially, in the modern century, each country has to communicate with other countries more than ever. So, we must understand the differences in different countries’ culture well, only in this way, we can get along with each other in peace.

People often use the public transportation due to expensive parking. Heavy traffic that makes you leaves your home some hours before work or an appointment in order not to be late. There is air pollution caused by heavy traffic.
There are a lot of differences between American and Indian culture and values. As we know today, the American culture is a mixture of different cultures. India, on the other hand, has its own culture and values. I would like to introduce the culture and value differences between these two countries.

I f you do not own a car, life in New York is better. When I moved from New York to Winston…

Essay on Relationship between Art and Life in Death in Venice

1405 Words | 6 Pages

It is at risk of being toppled, leaving Gustave's carefully calculated, painfully civilized life in ruins. This event comes to pass during the time he spends in the city of Venice.

One major difference between the two cultures is family values. American people tend to have a series of short-term relationships, and many do not commit with one person for a long time. Indians, however, believe in long term relationships. They are more family-oriented and respect human relationships. They care for their family and are always ready to do anything for them. Extended families are traditional in India, while nuclear families are prevalent in the U.S.

In the course of Gustave's first day in Venice he notices Tadzio, a beautiful prepubescent boy. Tadzio is introduced into the story as a type of wild child with disgust for the very society in which Gustave has embedded himself This disgust for society, and also a type of exemption from its constraints, is evidenced…

The Connection between A Bug’s Life and The Chosen People Essay

2015 Words | 9 Pages

Also, the queen of the ant colony explains the colony’s identity in terms of class position instead of individuality in her statement: “It is the same every year. They [the grasshoppers] come, they eat, they leave.

After Independence in 1965, the population of Singpore was growing at a rate that would seriously threaten the success of Singapore. The Government introduced the "Stop at two" policy to help control the rapid population growth. It was introduced in 1969.The policy had a very successful response; in fact, it was so successful that the population started to decline.

It’s our lot in life - it is not a lot, but it’s our life.” This coincides with Ewen’s idea that “Class identity was not a matter of individual choice, but of the position one inhabits in relation to the forces of production. This conception of class encouraged people to look at groups of…

Modern Urban Planning in The Life and Death of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs

2822 Words | 12 Pages

people’s needs are and incorporate those needs into the home,” In a developing country like Pakistan, the growth of urban poor is increasing rapidly. Consequently, the need for shelter is increasing to accommodate the growing urban poor. The housing provided by the public sector is based on modern conventional zoning practices which do not respond to the housing needs of the lower income group in the third world countries. In the absence of appropriate low income housing, the lower income group are…

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