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Essay On Cycling - Its Pleasures And Benefits For School Students

The bicycle was invented in France. The old bicycle was quite different from the present day bicycle. The bicycle consist of a pair of pedals, a pair of brakes and a handle.

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Its solid tyres have been replaced by pneumatic tyres.

They are made of Indian rubber. The wheels are revolved by the feet of the rider.
In the 1860s, French inventors added pedals to the front wheel. However, it took a lot of effort to turn the pedals. Later inventors made bikes out of metal only, and made the front wheel very big, giving higher speed. This design was called the penny-farthing bicycle. However, it was difficult to ride, since it could fall easily and the rider would fall far.

His feet act upon the pedals. When the cyclist wants to stop the cycle, he draws in the brakes. The machine comes to a dead stop. We can turn the front wheel either to the right or to the left by handle. So we can give any direction to the machine.

Pleasures :


We can go on our cycle where we like.

We need to roads for this purpose though roads we more suited to cycling.
When riding on streets, it is safest to ride on the same side of the street that cars drive (which would mean riding on the right side of the road in countries where people drive on the right side of the road, and riding on the left in countries where people drive on the left). To avoid hitting people, riders must obey signs that say "no bicycling", even if it does not seem to make sense at the time. Low light makes bicycle lighting important. It may not be safe to ride when it is dark. Riders wear reflective clothing to be safer in low light. Wearing a helmet makes bicycle riding safer. More than 300,000 people children alone to go to a hospital every year because they were hurt riding a bicycle. Wearing a helmet does not mean that somebody cannot be hurt if they crash their bicycle, but it makes being hurt less likely. Some bicycles have bells or horns that the rider can use to warn other people that they are riding by them.

As we travel along on cycle, we enjoy fresh air. Outdoor life provides us many advantages. New scenes meet our eyes. Our mind is free from the serious thoughts. We forget bitterness of life so long as we are on the bicycle.
Besides these pleasures cycling teaches us the geography of the area through which we pass. It gives us the opportunity to know the history and geography of the place we visit. Cycling gives good exercise to its rider. It keeps him healthy and active.

Cycle is a boon to those who live in cities. They have many chances to enjoy the nature. They are quite strangers to the natural scenes. Many of them cannot go out of the town for many reasons. To these people the cycle is of great use.

A bicycle (or bike) is a small, human powered land vehicle with a seat, two wheels, two pedals, and a metal chain connected to cogs on the pedals and rear wheel. A frame gives the bike strength, and the other parts are attached to the frame. The name comes from these two wheels - the prefix "bi-" meaning two, and the suffix "-cycle" meaning wheel. It is powered by a person riding on top, who pushes the pedals around with his or her feet.

It enables them to go to the country. There they can enjoy beautiful scenes of nature.

Advantages :

Besides pleasures cycling teaches us something. When we travel on it the neighboring area of city, we learn something.

We can go on our cycles where we like. We need not only travel on the best laid out roads. As we travel on a cycle, we enjoy fresh air. Outdoor life gives us many advantages. New scenes meet our eyes. Our mind is free from serious thoughts. We forget the bitterness of life while we are cycling.

We get opportunity to know the history and geography of places we visit.


A cyclist need not to travel alone. He can always travel in the company of his friend. As they cycle along, merrily goes the talk.

In 1888, Scottish inventor John Boyd Dunlop re-invented a type of tire which was filled with air, and this made cycling far more comfortable. Soon, the freewheel was invented. This was a device inside the hub of the back wheel that allowed the wheel to spin even if the rider wasn't pedalling. However, this meant the rider could no longer stop the bike by backpedalling. As a result, a different type of brake was invented which could stop the bike if the pedals were turned backwards. Later inventions included better brakes, and gears which made cycling over hills much easier. During this time the bicycle became very popular.

When they see some beautiful object, they can stop to enjoy it. They pass their time in laughing, talking and cracking jokes. Thus their time passes in merry making.

Cycling is a kind of outdoor exercise.

It improves our health. But we should not make too much use of it. Cycle is the cheapest means of conveyance.
Cycles are the cheapest conveyance. It is a good exercise. It improves our health. A cycle does not cost much and remains in good running order for several years.

A good cycle can be had a little over eight hundred rupees. It will remain in good order for several years.

Conclusion :

The usefulness of the cycle is admitted on all hands. It is a poor man’s car. It is a time-saving machine. We can travel on it eight or ten kilometers a day.

The cycle is one of the means of travelling. It is very useful in covering short distances. Hence we see cycles in most of the houses.

It is cheap too. Hence its use is growing day by day among the busy people who cannot afford motorcycle or car.

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