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Essay for students on Success Comes With Ability Boldness And Courage

Nothing is ever achieved without had work, perseverance, commitment and enthusiasm. Remember that what appears to be an overnight success takes so many long years. We strive for success, are. undefined term, but it means a long journey of life with the stoppages of achievements. Self-confidence helps us to take big strides.

In school we had learnt a small poem by heart:

Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the steam.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.

But we understand the moral of this poem only when we step in this competitive world.

We have to row the boat of our life gently in the right direction to cross the stream of struggles and reach the final destination to achieve the desired goals.
Success does not come to your doorstep saying, “Hey I’m success. I’ll be with you” or it is not something available in the market, after paying crores. It costs ability, boldness and courage. Success is no doubt a burning desire in everyone’s life and hence it can be achieved if one has the right assessment of one’s abilities. But one must not forget the journey while heading towards destination. Because, once we reach there, only then we will realise that the journey itself was our destination. Why lead an ordinary life, while we are born to be extraordinary ? Following the ABC factor, heading towards destination, enjoying the ride, the success fulfils its objective. One must not forget that the sky is the limit. So, start where you are, use what you have and be what you want to be. Good luck!

We have to overcome all the ups and downs of life to emerge a winner. In kindergarten we are taught the ABC.

Of English language. As we grow up we experience ABC of success, henceforth, of life, Ability, Boldness and Courage are the ABC of success.

Yes, success comes to those who never quit. The ones who put in their hard work and give it their best. Success comes to those people, who do the same things in a very different way. The best mention here can be made of father of physics, Isaac Newton. Though many had seen apple falling, Newton succeeded in thinking differently, which led to the concept of gravitation. Thomas Alva Edison is said to have failed ten thousand times before the invention of bulb. But he did not stop. With his ability to try different ways, boldness to not stop trying and courage to face failure, he succeeded. Back from the Seventeenth century, to the late Twenty-first century, success has been poured upon those people who have adopted the ABC concept. Thomas Alva Edison’s words, “I have not failed, I’ve just found ten thousand ways that won’t work,” proves his strong determination and optimistic approach.

These are the cores qualities required to be an achiever. Any successful person on this earth will emphatically have these qualities in him/her.

Life is very strange. Most of the people take life as it comes to them.

Ability is one of the first and foremost important quality of achieving success. This can be built only through will - power and strong determination. Everyone has hidden qualities, while only few succeed in awakening the sleeping friend. Once ability is set, the strife for success begins. Boldness and courage are the accompanying factors of ability. It will follow sooner or later. Taking the first step is what matters the most. Once the ability to achieve is known to us, we must set plans on reaching the goal. Paying heed to the voice within us. It takes mere boldness, to follow our intuition, without fearing for the obstacles ahead. Being bold comes easily to the one whose goal is crystal clear. The hurdles in the way of our journey makes us realise that life is not a bed of roses. The third guru mantra of success plays its magical charm in this stage of obstacles. The person, on his journey, must not fail and step down at this stage. People unknowingly quit, when they are very near to success. This should not happen and the only way to stop this from happening is to build some courage within.

It is difficult for such people to rise above the crowd. Life is like a game. Play the game with sportsmanship not only on the ground but in life too. One of the aims of man in his life is to know what he is able to do i.e., his ability. Ability is a human quality of being able to perform.
Every person, whether rich or poor, male or female, wise or foolish desires for success, craves for success. Who would ever love to be stuck in hardships or failures? However, success always smiles on able person, although it comes through ability, boldness and courage. Success, however, is a small word which influences the whole world. It comes uninformed and may leave uninformed. On the other hand, there are people who in quest of success flaunt their abilities by their power of money. But their glory has no spice and fails to long last, as it is no comparison with the real one. Thus success is no man’s slave. As said, fortune favours the brave. But there are people who cling to the ‘Success-Luck’ concept. Those people can never taste the fruit of success. The concept of ABC strives at proving this. In this age of Twenty-first century, where people value success in terms of money, they are constantly forgetting what actually does success mean to them. Such people are often seen following other man’s definition of success. Success, may be just money for one person where it stands for mere recognition to another person.

Nobody is perfect in all the activities. But one can try to be perfect in an activity he/ she is interested in. We cannot expect our Hon’ble President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to be the best performer in sports but he is the best in research activities. All other qualities like perseverance; focused mindset and sincerity come in the scenario if one is having ability for accomplishment of some kind of work in a better manner than others.

The three-pronged secret, ability, boldness and courage are the three steps to success. Ability, is an inbuilt feature that is awakened when some force is exerted mentally, characterised by physical force. In other words, ability can also be defined as the use of all five senses in a proper manner, directing towards a particular task along with strong determination. Boldness, on the other hand, refers to the strong gut feeling, that is hidden deep within us characterised by willpower. This feeling or intuition in us, gives rise to great ideas, which then rule the world. Because, the conquest of the heart is everlasting and the boldness resulted is also long lasting.

If one has some ability in oneself then one should explore it and show it to the world, instead of hiding it. One should be enthusiastic about one's ability and spread the infectious enthusiasm in all the directions of life.

Yes, dear reader, out of eighty years of our lifespan, where forty years are about to get spent as childhood, teenage and old age, rest twenty going in vain and the remaining twenty, lying in our hand, instead of being brave and facing consequences, we are constantly being afraid and scared of it, which is a lame thing to do. Life may seem short, we only live once. But, if done properly, once is enough. If one comes to know that one is walking in the wrong path, the true test of courage comes into existence, checking whether one dares to walk back and take a different path or not. Thus, courage is a deciding factor of all success stories. Of course, there is no substitute for hard work. When efforts meet opportunity, we unknowingly welcome the most invited guest, i.e. SUCCESS.

Life is full of opportunities and in case one wants to catch a big fish then one should create such a platform that will prove one as an emerging leader in the chosen field.

An Italian by origin, and not very comfortable with the Hindi language, Ms. Sonia Gandhi led the Congress Party to victory in the general elections in May 2004 against BJP and set a precedence in Indian politics by refusing the post of Prime Minister, in the greater interests of the party.

Looking back, turning the pages of history, we find that all great things have occurred as a result of great ideas. We, must not fail to understand that what appears to be an overnight success is the fruit of hard work of so many years. We all remember the day we joined the kindergarten. We were taught ABC. At that stage, practising and writing the alphabet was success. But, as we grew up, we even realised that ABC is the guru mantra of success. We are bound to face obstacles in route of success, but with ABC, these could be overcome smoothly.

With her 'never-say-die' spirit, she has been named in the list of bold and powerful women of the world.

Like her, we have to be bold enough to take tough decisions in our life when needed. Dhirubhai Ambani would not have developed the Reliance Empire if he had m taken tough and right decisions in business.

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness concerning all acts of initiative, there is one elementary truth that ignorance which kills countless ideas and splendid plans. That moment, one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events flows from the decisions, raising in one’s favour of all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings, material assistance, which no man would have his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Ability has tremendous power, boldness has magic and courage has strength.

Boldness comes from with! When we have confidence in our ability to accomplish a goal, when « are honest to our soul and when we are ready to take challenges in our stride.

We should doubt our doubts and not our beliefs.

Having confident in oneself is the most important ingredient to achieve success.

There are two types of winners in this world.

First type of winners do ordinary things in extraordinary manner and second type of winners do what losers do not do. Winners seek opportunities even during adversities whereas a normal man spends time finding solutions to problems. These winners have developed practicality of mind to interpret problems face- by them.

John Wright was a good coach of the Indian cricket team.

After him Greg Chappell was selected as the coach of the team. He experimented in various ways with the Indian team, which led to grand success.
The secret is that one has to be bold, while others are scared. Courage is the feeling that one usually experiences in hardships. It blesses the willing and deserving. It is said to be the magic factor as millions of ideas have been buried deep down to death because of failing to adopt this quality.

He found hidden talent in Indian players and invented ways to explore them. He a now being called a successful coach as he is displaying courage to diver from the set pattern.

Nothing is permanent except change.

Courage a not as infectious as enthusiasm but it needs some driving force to spread it. Rahul Dravid became the captain of Team India for which he is rightly described as "the Wall", Mr. Dependable", etc. because of his temperament of maintaining his cool in adverse conditions. He has always been encouraging his teammates to perform well.

He has the ability himself and he constantly supports and encourages his colleagues to improve further.

Collecting pearls from the sea is not an easy task.
Further proof that you can quote Bacon to make any point you like!

These do no float on water surface. Standing at the beach and desiring for the pearls is of no use. To obtain them, we have to dive into deep sea putting our life in danger. To take a step in a different direction than others, in right manner at right time and at right place, is the first step towards success.
The adapted saying is used to illustrate the humility of a great man, who
recognizes his small place in the grand scheme and is willing to adapt.

Risk and success always go parallel. It is a simple theory of Economics that and risk, no gain and higher the risk, higher the gain'. Again courage is £ quality, which can be developed by having thorough knowledge of subject understanding the problem properly, thinking laterally and believing in ourselves.

The expression “If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain,” apparently derives from this essay. I’m astonished! First, that Bacon missed the lovely alliteration of a ‘mountain,’ instead of ‘an hill,’ which my mind’s ear can barely tolerate.

Success is sweet and its main ingredients are ability, boldness and courage. But as the presence of salt or sugar makes the food tasty, similarly besides the above specified qualities, enthusiasm, perseverance commitment, hard work, dynamism and faith in God make sweet success even more tasty. If the main ingredients were there, then others would definitely follow.

Get your local library to borrow it for you. It’s quite the eye-opener! And could be useful, if you go to Japan, which would great fun.

Keep learning and one will never cease to grow. Once one experiences success, one will get addicted to it.

Life is a game. Instead of worrying about results, better concentrate on the game. Once you win, credit will definitely be given to you. Indira Gandhi once said, "There are two types of people in world, one who work and one who take credits. Try to be in the first category as there is less competition there." Similar is the moral of Shri. Bhagavad Gita.

Once you sow the seeds of hard work, you will, by all odds, reap benefits of those beans.

While considering all these facts we should not forget the realities of life. It is a bitter truth that everyone is not able to accomplish one's goals even after a lot of hard work and dedication. But our mind should always be oriented towards our goals with high targets. If we dream of the sky we would at least land on the stars.

When the ABC of success is found as qualities in any person, bright fortune is nearby, waiting for grand achievement.

Achieving these qualities will herald new beginning in one's life towards the path of glory. It will bring feeling of pride to one's colleagues, relatives and ultimately one's country.

So, from now onwards, let us try to make continuous efforts to achieve our goal without looking back.

Better late than never. Let us be brave and face every hurdle, obstacle and hardship in our path of journey Let the search for talent end at us, appreciation start from us and our imagination of being successful meets the reality.

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