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Dolphin hunting that takes place in Taiji is causing mass protests from the animal rights activist groups. Their representatives believe that the hunt is an act of unseen cruelty toward animals. Dolphins are known to be intelligent animals, and the research showed they can feel human-like emotions. It is hard to imagine what must the species feel when witnessing mass murders of their own kind.

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The voice of the dolphin in the air is like that of the human in that they can pronounce vowels and combinations of vowels, but have difficulties with the consonants (Aristotle internet).

The communication between dolphins can only be described scientifically and historically.
Japanese officials will do nothing at this point. They argue that the dolphin hunt, along with the annual hunt for whales, are compliant with the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. They also assure the international community that the species, both dolphins and whales, are not endangered. While the country’s officials say that this whaling program in the Southern Ocean is conducted with the scientific purpose, it is almost certain that killing tens and hundreds of animals is only a useful cover for commercial reasons. For example, just over the next two months (through October 2015), Japanese fisheries are planning to hunt down 51 minke whales.

The true nature of how dolphins communicate with one another and possibly with other species is something only known to the dolphin. It is an evolving, complex mystery we are only now starting to grasp the significance of. Eventually it may be possible for humans to speak with other species.
Apart from the animal rights issues, the Taiji dolphin hunt raises concerns due to high levels of mercury in the dolphin meat. This meat is being sold across Japan and imported to other countries as well. If such arguments as animal abuse and inhumane practices are not valid enough for Japanese fisheries and the Taiji community, it might be that the possible threats to human health would be able to change the situation.

I have come to this conclusion after careful consideration of evidence gained through my research experiments with dolphins (John Lilly internet).

In this research paper evidence will be shown to prove that it is possible for dolphins and humans to communicate in a significant and meaningful way.

Since the beginning of recorded history, it has been said that man has had an interest in dolphins.
The dolphin hunting season is a big deal for Japanese fishermen for whom it is often the only chance to make good money. For example, 1,623 dolphins were captured in 2007 and then either consumed or sold to dolphinariums across the world. Every lining dolphin costs up to $100,000, which makes it easy to understand why the Taiji community defends its annual tradition. The quota for captured dolphins in 2015 is 1,873 animals.

People from many countries have met and interacted with them. It has been well documented that dolphins have saved lives, assisted sailors in navigating through storms, and have supported fisherman in their daily catch.
Since the beginning of life, people have been changing. The way we dress, act, live, and communicate have evolved throughout time. People are very amazing, especially when we do various dangerous stunts. People are friendly, that's why we have pets. For example, A dog is a man's favorite pet. This results that man loves animal. The way animal love humans. Animals are very intelligent, they can learn things very quickly. I honestly think dolphins have the similarity of a person.

The earliest incident of drowning that was saved by a dolphin that researchers know of is that of the Greek poet Arion, who was thrown into the sea by pirates. The dolphin carried him home to Greece on its back.
Taiji, a small coastal Japanese town, has an annual tradition of painting the bay waters crimson red. Its people do not cultivate algae for this purpose, nor do they use special paint. Each year, the beginning of September marks the start of a major dolphin drive hunting season, when lots of mammals are getting trapped in the bay and slaughtered. Their blood is what turns the waters bright red.

This legend was recalled in Shakespeares Twelfth Night (Walther 39). It is noted that it was a dolphin who had found a wife for Neptune, the Sea god (Walther 39). The Greek philosopher Plutrach states that through the help of a dolphin Telemachos, son of Odysseus, was saved from drowning.

This number of whales is too low as compared to the number of dolphins captured and slaughtered during the same amount of time. However, it is a part of a much bigger problem, which is when people’s behavior is dictated by economy and the promise of fast earnings, but not the long-term perspective of balanced coexistence of species.

Pliny the elder, the Roman scholar, wrote about Hermias, a boy who often took rides on a dolphins back. One day while out with the dolphin, a storm hit and Hermias slipped off the dolphins back and drowned.
Corypheane Hippurus also known as Dolphin Fish, Dorado, or Mahi- Mahi. Is a large deep sea fish that lives in tropical and subtropical seas. They can be found under floating objects and have been known to follow boats. You will usually find a school of them underneath a bunch of floating Sargasso.

The dolphin brought Hermias body to the shore and beached himself over the grief of Hermias death and died.

It has been recorded that for twenty-four years a male dolphin guided every boat safely across the dangerous Cook Strait in New Zealand, day and night (Dolphin Synergy internet).

It is thought that the dolphin was an animal who years ago tried to live on land and didnt like it. Scientists think that dolphins are descended from a four-legged hairy animal that returned to the sea, making them re-entrants (Brooks 7-8).
Dolphin fish is a very good exotic food. The actual food is usually known as Mahi- Mahi which is the Hawaiian name for the fish. This is a great tasting fish and is not that expensive but is not an every day thing. The flesh is very white and mild, ideal for broiling, too good to waste in a frying pan. You can usually find it in sandwiches or on BBQ as a steak. It is a higher quality fish. Good fishing fish for deep-sea fishing. I have fished for Dolphin before and I highly recommend it.

It has now been proven that sixty million years ago the dolphins ancestor was the cow. Cows are the distant cousins to the dolphins and the whales. Fossils have been found, showing the missing link with hooves on its flippers (Dolphins video).

The body of a dolphin can be described as sleek and smooth.

Dolphins are extremely fast swimmers, and their blubbery flesh allows them to reach speeds over twenty-five miles per hour.
They are bright greenish blue above, and yellow on it's sides. All over the sides of their bodies they have Irregular blue or golden blotches. They have the capability of flashing purple, chartreuse, and a wide range of other colors. Their body tapers sharply from head to tail. The profile of an adult males head is nearly vertical and the head of a female is more sloping and rounded. Single dark dorsal fin from just head to tail. They have about 65 rays extending down their back. The bad thing about this fish when you go fishing for it, the color nearly instantaneously fades when the fish is decked. So you can't really enjoy the beautiful coloration of the fish. They usually live for 2-3 years. So the mature very fast after they are born.

Dolphins can be identified by blowholes on top their heads, fore-fins, and horizontal flukes. Unlike fish, dolphins are mammals and must come to the surface to breathe, about every five minutes. Some dolphins can hold their breath for up to thirty minutes while others can only hold it for twenty seconds. Their ears are small openings that are hardly noticeable, but are able to pick up sounds more than 150 feet away.

Dolphins vocalize underwater by using a series of clicks and whistles.

Dolphins appear to have their own signature whistle, like their own name. Individuals recognize each other by their own voices, and can mimic sounds of other animals. They have no vocal cords, but are able to make sounds by moving air through the lungs with the blowhole closed underwater. Also dolphins have sonar, the ability to see underwater with sound (Dolphins video). It is well known that by using sonar dolphins can see through one another, getting a better understanding of who they are. Dolphins are very sociable, playful, and friendly. Dolphins spend their lives with a pod, which is a close family/social group consisting of a few males, females and their offspring. They cooperate with each other when hunting or catching fish. They are constantly talking and communicating with each other, showing affection, and other emotions. A hurt or wounded dolphin is always taken care of by others, even at risks to their own lives (Brooks 5-6). Others in the group will take turns lifting the wounded to the surface for air, taking turns until it gets well again or until death. During birth, the mother is always assisted by another female called an Auntie.

She is there to help fend off sharks and to push the calf directly to the surface for air the minute it is born.

Other females gather around forming what is believed to be a protection circle, and is used as a defense against sharks and orcas.
In 2009, a documentary, titled The Cove, portrayed this questionably ethical tradition of a Japanese coastal community. The film won an Oscar and drove some attention to the town of Taiji. Since the release of the film, many environmentalists and advocates of animal rights have been visiting Japan annually to participate in protests. As a response, Taiji officials use the local police to fence off the unwanted visitors. Ric O’Barry, a prominent activist was arrested this year, and a couple of others were denied entry.

The mothers and their young will reside in the circle while the others leap out to butt the gills and heads of sharks, sometimes killing it. Over 70% of the Earths surface are covered by ocean and there might be intelligence far beyond our own (Lilly internet).
Dolphins should be considered a person. There are so many things that are in common. First of all, Dolphins behave exactly like a person. Humans give birth to a child which takes 9 months and dolphins give birth to a child which takes 12 months. Just as a person, a dolphins breeds its child. By the way, dolphins are mammals like humans. Also, surprisingly, dolphins live in groups which are their family. Humans live in families as well. They also have emotions that can affect their living, just like humans. Plus, dolphins don't harm humans, however they can easily kill us. This shows us the bond between dolphins and humans.

Dolphins have the highest brain capacity of any non-human animal, twice that of higher primates (Herman internet). The bottlenose dolphins brain is physically more folded than any other mammal, including humans.
The brain of a dolphin is similar to a human brain than any other animal. The brain of a dolphin is a bit bigger than ours. Dolphins are very brilliant animals. They can pick things up very easily. When you teach a dolphin something, they can learn it very quickly. Dolphins communicate in a way where they whistle instead of speaking like us because they don't have vocal cords.

Its cerebral cortex, however, is only half as thick as humans, but thicker than a chimps.

This is a sure sign of higher intelligence. Ken Martin and Earth Trust Laboratory studies dolphin intelligence. He wants to see what dolphins see and what they reveal about themselves when they are not trained. Martin believes that dolphins have a higher intelligence and tried to prove it with research. He says that dolphins are always doing hydrodynamic tricks. They create air rings that is a matter of experimentation and complex play. This is an indication of an interested active brain and shows that dolphins have the capacity to learn.

To prove that dolphins are self-aware, Martin did a mark test.

He put a zinc oxide mark on the dolphins side, and put up a one-way mirror in the observation tank window. This was done to see of the dolphin would notice the mark in their reflection and examine himself in the mirror. He immediately went to the mirror and moved around with the mark facing the mirror.
Dolphins have emotions. It depends on how their feeling. For example, If a dolphin is very happy they can do many stunts like flips. Humans in the other hand, when they are happy, we might go to a party and enjoy ourselves. Dolphins use sonic waves to communicate and see the world around them. A dolphin might use their sonic wave to sense a animal that might be near by. T...

When the dolphin saw himself in the mirror, his reaction less surprise than to a strange dolphin. The dolphin turns and shows his teeth to check the relation between himself and his mirror image.

The dolphin usually brings objects to the mirror and plays with it, and is seemingly more self-aware when playing with the object in front of the mirror.

Martin comments that this is not social behavior, and since dolphins dont have hands to touch the mark, researchers need to require more experimentation to see if this behavior was social or not. Martin wanted to determine if they could watch TV before he did a test. Do they see images or actual pictures? The TV shows an attendant throwing fish into the water, as dolphins bite and squeal as they are being fed; and the dolphins see this as a representation of reality. Next, a TV with a highly reflective screen was used, the screen acting like a mirror when the TV was off. So the dolphins current behavior was similar to that of the dolphin on the TV screen. Martin turned the TV on to see how the dolphins would react to the TVs images that were not similar to the dolphins current behavior. The dolphins could react differently to the images playing on the TV screen, and realize that it is now a mirror.

If the dolphins were not self-aware when watching the playback, they would be biting back when the dolphin in the TVs mouth was open.

Research shows that they would not behave in such a manner when the dolphins are self-aware (Martin internet). Dolphins have been known to use a variety of hunting techniques to catch fish. Fish kicking, the technique of hitting a fish with its tail, is a local custom among dolphins and appears to be a learned behavior rather than instinct. One interesting example involves two captive dolphins intent upon capturing a moray eel from a rocky slit in the corner of their tank. One dolphin captures a scorpion fish and with the fish in its mouth it poked the eels rear end with the fishs poisonous spine. The moray fled from its haven only to be captured by the second dolphin stationed at the opposite end of the hole (Walter internet).

This example proves that dolphins c ....

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