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Response to A God Of Small Things - Response to A God Of Small Things One of the main themes in Arundhati Roy's A God Of Small Things is discrimination in the caste system. Roy tells the story of the hardships faced by the Untouchables, the lowest caste in the caste system. Technically, the Untouchables are not even in the caste system because to put them in the same system as the other four castes would be offensive to the rest of them.
Because of the worldwide growth of the AP Program and the administration of exams in multiple time zones, another version of the AP Biology Exam, called "Form B," may be administered in order to maintain security.

Another theme in this novel is forbidden love. These two themes, discrimination in the caste system and forbidden love, come together when Mammachi sneaks across the river "to love by night the man her children love by day", to meet Velutha.... [tags: Literature Response] 1134 words
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Reader Response Criticism - Fish’s Reader Response Criticism is composed of two interdependent ideas: first, that the meaning of texts is shaped by the reading experience itself, and second, that these meanings cannot be judged to be correct or incorrect, but merely belonging to one “interpretive community” or another. The first idea may be identified as the executive aspect of Reader Response Criticism because it analyzes the act of reading, while the second idea is the epistemological aspect of the theory because it circumscribes the knowledge we can acquire about a text to the merely relative.
The Topic Outline in the Course and Exam Description provides details about the content on the exam. About 25 percent of the multiple-choice questions are likely to be on the subject areas listed under Area I (molecules and cells). Similarly, one of the four essay questions will also be taken from that area; another question will be on Area II (heredity and evolution); and the remaining two questions will be on Area III (organisms and populations). In answering any of the four free-response questions, students may need to analyze and interpret data or information drawn from lab experience (as well as from lecture material) or to integrate material from different areas of the course.

... [tags: Literary Response] 967 words
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The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act - The superfund program, which was better known as just the superfund, is also known as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability act (CERLA) of 1980 was developed by the federal government as a way to preserve the ecosystem and to clean up toxic, uncontrolled, abandoned hazardous waste sites. The Superfund program cleans up any hazardous waste, be it abandoned, accidentally spilled, or illegally dumped; any of which may pose a threat to future or current health or the environment.... [tags: Comprehensive Environmental Response] 867 words
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Amabile and Kramer Reading Response - Inner Work Life, written by Teresa M. Amabile and Steven J. Kramer, explains how employees’ reactions and feelings towards events affect their job performance.
Below are free-response questions from past AP Biology Exams. Included with the questions are scoring guidelines, sample student responses, and commentary on those responses, as well as exam statistics and the Chief Reader's Student Performance Q&A for past administrations.

The authors define inner work life as the way that perceptions, emotions and motivation combine in an employee’s life. When an event occurs, all employees will feel a certain way (positively or negatively) about what has transpired, and this will influence how they react and what they expect.
The shorter the answer required for a given essay item, generally the better. More objectives can be tested in the same period of time, and factors such as verbal fluency, spelling, etc., have less of an opportunity to influence the grader.

Inner work life is not easily detected by managers, and often times not examined by the actual employee.... [tags: Reading Response]
:: 2 Works Cited 1081 words
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Reader Response Essay - On The Strong Breed - Reader Response Essay - On The Strong Breed Reading Wole Soyinka’s Strong Breed, I get to wondering about disclosure and ritual, disclosure between characters and to audiences, rituals of drama and religion. As I read the play, I see ample signs that both Sunma and Eman know about the curse-binding ritual that is to take place before midnight. I see signs of Sunma’s more specific knowledge in her shunning of Ifada from the start of the play. She declares, “Get away, idiot” (853). From the start Sunma is agitated and hopes that she and Eman might get away for “only two days” (857), as long as the two of them might “watch the new year together--in some other place” (856).... [tags: Reader Response Essays] 703 words
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Response To A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift - Desperate times often call for desperate measures, and proposals of desperate measures are often met with swift criticism if they are found to be without rational thought and merit. It is unlikely that anyone in their right mind would consider, for any amount of time, the proposal of rearing children, or properly raising them, as food to help alleviate poverty-stricken Ireland in 1729.
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Yet, Jonathan Swift’s suggestion was satirical brilliance, and it was a modest proposal for illuminating the cause of Ireland’s woes.... [tags: Literary Response] 757 words
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Response To Smiley's Critique of "Huckleberry Finn" - Smiley has missed the point of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and has depressed the book to a fractions of its ideas. She sees the book as a failed social commentary on racism and enabling the reader to avoid responsibility. A Short sighted sentiment from Mrs. Smiley, but Mark Twain has a light directed elsewhere. He lights out the territory of social improvements by vexing the reader to view from different vantage points. Huckleberry Finn deals with the issue of racism. Racism, however, is only a single scourge of society.... [tags: Literary Response] 684 words
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Reader Response to Sydney's Sonnets, Astrophil and Stella - Reader Response to Sydney's Sonnets, Astrophil and Stella As we discussed Astrophil and Stella in class, I felt a familiar knot in my stomach. At first I could not pin-point the reasons for my aversion to these sonnets. However, as we discussed it in class, it became clear to me. I could identify with Penelope Devereux Rich. Although Astrophil and Stella could be interpreted as an innocent set of love sonnets to an ideal woman and not a particular woman, they reminded me of the letters I received last year from a guy, Lee Burt, I had not seen in seven years.... [tags: Reader Response Essays] 1419 words
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Response to Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson - Response to Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson I believe that, essentially, life consists of a series of choices. A grouping of these choices in one direction or another makes us who we are, and ultimately we have control over our lives. What makes one person different from another is his own set of choices. When going through life’s motions, we develop certain worldviews and ideas and values to live by. We develop an opinion of what makes a person “great.” In the well-known essay “Self-Reliance”, Ralph Waldo Emerson provides a beautiful way of approaching these choices, and he reveals a very inspiring set of values centralized around going through life answering only to yourself.... [tags: English Literature, Literary Response] 867 words
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Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave - Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave My initial response to G. B. Wallace’s letter was one of confusion. As I reread the piece given the title “Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave, Wallace, G.B” I realized that it was nothing more than a business letter between a slave owner and an associate of his that could presumably help him out of his situation. The language of the letter created a small barrier, since it was out of date in comparison to contemporary American language, but with a little effort, I could see the author’s intentions.... [tags: Reader Response Essays] 643 words
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Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave - Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave While reading the letter written to Andrew from G.B. Wallace many things ran through my head. There were three main thoughts though, a difference in society and acceptance and a different language and form of writing, and the way some of the words and terms were used. I found all three of the topics very interesting when I further looked into them. The thing that really hit me was how common and normal slavery and slave trade was in 1855.... [tags: Reader Response Essays] 567 words
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Original Writing in Response to Shakesepare - “And Robin shall restore amends” the play ended with an applause like no other. The audience cheered the actors as they came on stage, and one of them, Oliver, the main actor was saluted in honor by Will Shakespeare for such wonderment. Oliver was a boy of seventeen, born an aristocrat in a French family. The young boy had begun acting ever since he turned into his teens, while acting was a hobby he worked at the London Bank, earning a good deal of money each day. He lived in a home fit for him, although he had no house companion.... [tags: Response to Shakesepare] 689 words
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Original Writing in Response to Wuthering Heights - I am perplexed. Here I lie on this thin, wispy bed-cloth, the humidity making my insides boil whilst the howling wind surrounds the Grange. Oh it's searing, so hot. It matters none, though; my Cathy has returned. How could this ensue. How could that wretched Heathcliff seize my darling Cathy. How does that infinitely evil mind operate. The smarting of my temple does not allow me to ponder in peace. Yet, I must, I must find answers. There is no time for my own complications, however, both my Catherine's await.... [tags: Response to Wuthering Heights] 634 words
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Response To Intervention - RTI, is an acronym that has become commonly used in education after No Child Left Behind was implemented, but what does that acronym mean. Brown-Chidsey and Steege quoted Dave Tilly, a school psychologist, as saying that RTI actually means “really terrific instruction!” RTI is defined differently in different states. Some would argue it is Response to Intervention, while others say that it means Response to Instruction. Brown-Chidsey and Steege state that whether you say intervention or instruction, it does not matter; the importance is that teachers use scientific based teaching that responds to students’ learning.... [tags: Educational Issues, NCLB, teaching]
:: 5 Works Cited 1461 words
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Response to Change - Response to Change Change should be seen as a challenge and embraced with enthusiasm (Marquis & Huston, 2012). In my professional and personal life, I view and respond to change as a way to make improvements to existing regulations and circumstances. I embark upon the quest with determination to succeed at whatever task is presented to me. Life without change can become unchallenging and stagnant (Marquis & Huston, 2012). As society and technology advance, you must incorporate the necessary transformations that arise with it.... [tags: leadership roles, improvements]
:: 4 Works Cited 986 words
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The Raven Response - The Raven is a poem that tells of the emotional turmoil in the mind of a man. First of all, Poe’s use of Greek, Roman God’s and terminology in this poem was overwhelming compared to his other stories. There are many Gods and phrases that he references to that help the reader understand the story. Also, there is evidence that Poe has portrayed bits of his life through the narrator. Poe lost a loved one, and he is reflecting it through the narrator. Next, when the raven arrives the narrator is extremely curious.... [tags: Literature Analysis] 842 words
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The American Response - America’s two most recent wars are the Iraq War and the War on Terror. Both of these wars have accomplished their goals, but come at a great cost. There were quite a few factors in both of these wars that affected international security. First, I will analyze both of the wars and then intertwine them together to show the overall effect they have created on America. Let us look first at the War on Terror. The War on Terror started after the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda attacked America on September 11th 2001.... [tags: Iraq War, War on Terror, America]
:: 14 Works Cited 1369 words
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The Approach to Climate Change: Hamiltonian Response or Jeffersonian Response - The approach to climate change has been a topic of debate for as long as the concept of climate change has been around. Some believe that the Hamiltonian response, a focused national response from the government, is necessary in order to get the country to correctly react to the problems the world is currently and will be facing. Others believe that the Jeffersonian response is more appropriate since it means that citizens would be in control of the changes and therefore more willing to make the changes and more likely to accept, follow, and tell others about these changes.... [tags: environment, pollution, global warming]
:: 4 Works Cited 1381 words
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Response Inhibition in Children with ADHD - Gray (1982, as cited in Pliszka, SR., Hatch, J.P, Borchederding, S.H., & Rogeness, G.A., 1993) proposed that human beings have a behavioral inhibition system (BIS) whose function is to analyze new stimuli or process old stimuli that have been associated with punishments in the past. According to Gray the BIS controls behavioral inhibition, which causes the organism to avoid the new stimuli or will stop the organism from performing behavior that has caused there to be past punishments. On the opposite end of the spectrum exists the behavioral activation system (BAS), which processes stimuli related to reward.... [tags: Child Development]
:: 2 Works Cited 1423 words
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Response to a Tragic and Difficult Issue - Response to a Tragic and Difficult Issue Introduction In view of this tragic circumstance, and the moral obligation here is an extremely difficult decision to compose. Having to rethink the entire two decades of written material incontestably was powerful and challenging. I struggle to imagine what Ms. Wolf must have been going thru, as it brings tears to my eyes. Having your father (although I never had one) relying on you for terminal decisions about his life says a lot about the closeness father and daughter experienced.... [tags: Moral Obligation]
:: 2 Works Cited 861 words
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Response to Intervention in the Class Room - Response to Intervention Response to Intervention (RtI) is a framework based off the problem solving method that integrates assessment, and targeted instruction, within a multi-tiered intervention system. Implementation of RtI in schools is crucial to identify which students need additional intervention that will help increase their literacy skills, and prevent them from falling behind. RtI is based off multi-leveled tiers that are each categorized by the intensity of the intervention that is being used.... [tags: improving behavior, assessment]
:: 4 Works Cited 902 words
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The Scarlet Letter: The Response to Sin - We are all sinners. Although one may try hard not to sin, all humans eventually succumb at some time or another to sin. While people may not able to avoid the fate which awaits them, the power of free will allows people to decide how they will respond to sin. While some may respond with guilt and regret, others may react with a sense of redemption and a renewed sense of responsibility. Nathanial Hawthorne, an American author during the 19th century witnessed the power of sin to wreak havoc not only to an individual but a whole community.... [tags: Theme of Sin in The Scarlet Letter ]
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Europe's Response to the Black Death - During Europe’s boom in trade more advanced ways of cargo shipping and sea travel were developed, but with this advancement also came the transport of disease. The most deadly of these new diseases was the well-known Black Death, which starting in 1347 took its toll on Western Europe. Throughout history, when faced with hard times, the true side of humanity can be seen; during these times humanity often reverts back to their roots whether those be the barbaric or the amiable. During the Black Death civilizations did just that; the chaos stricken communities of Europe responded in various ways some more righteous and beneficial, and others negative and barbaric.... [tags: European History ]
:: 7 Works Cited 1312 words
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What Did Hurricane Katrina Teach Us? - Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest and costliest hurricanes to hit the United States in decades. The economic losses were extraordinary; however, it was the human losses that stuck Americans at their core. The media brought into our homes graphic images of the destruction of New Orleans. Its mayor had ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city and yet 150,000 citizens are said to have stayed. Like most of the nation I asked myself, “Well why did they stay. If a mandatory evacuation is issued, it stands to reason that state officials considered the situation to be precarious.” It is only recently, when I’ve seen reports of New Orleans slow rebuilding, that I have really given thought... [tags: Disaster Response] 550 words
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Disaster Response and Evacuation Procedures - Disaster Response and Evacuation Procedures 1. Introduction When surface transportation system is effective, possibilities of responding to natural disasters such as terrorist attacks or other catastrophic events becomes high. Disaster Response and Evacuation (DRE) implements the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to improve the effectiveness of transportation systems so that response and recovery to disasters is enhanced. This involves eases of access to the scene of disaster by professionally trained personnel, provision of better information regarding the transportation system in the area of disaster, provides a more effective, safer means of evacuation for the general public if ne... [tags: Natural Disasters, Terrorist Attacks, Catastrophy]
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The Human Response to Physical Structure - The Human Response to Physical Structure Most of the world's inhabitants view space and structure through visual elements such as bricks, rock, vegetation and foliage, hallways, doors, windows, trims, and flooring. These elements combine to allow each individual's experience of a space. The German word gestalt means form or shape. Gestalt psychology attempts to investigate the human mind and how it conceives of or recognizes patterns. Scientists believe the human mind is wired to search for import and significance in sensory information input.... [tags: Psychology]
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The Australian Government's Response to Obesity - In public health and health promotion, health issues have become apparent throughout the course of these disciplines. Responses to these issues have, over the years, increased awareness, gathered statistics, and formulated ways in which to adequately prevent or reduce the effects of these health concerns. Within Australia, major health issues include obesity and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Internationally speaking, major health concerns include maternal health and mortality rates of mother and infant.... [tags: public health essays] 1882 words
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Critical Response of Duff and Pugh - Critical Response Carol Ann-Duffy & Sheenagh Pugh are both strongly opinionated politically - many of their poems are charged with a scornful, impassioned energy directed toward the Thatcherite days, resenting years of economic deprivation & ruin of many young lives in their generation - this sets the basis for a general distaste for politicians, illustrated in Duffy’s parody of parliament ‘Weasel Words’, mocking the meaningless socio-jargon that MPs use to wriggle and slither their way out of answering straight questions.... [tags: Duff] 1350 words
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A Conservative Response to Restorative Justice - How would a conservative reply to a proposal for restorative justice. How would a restorative justice advocate respond to a conservative proposal for more prisons. Restorative justice is defined as “using humanistic, no punitive strategies to right wrongs and restore social harmony” (Siegel, 2008, p 189). Instead of imposing harsh penalties on offenders like long prison sentences or even the death penalty, restorative justice calls for a more rehabilitative approach, such as reconciliation and offender assistance.... [tags: Criminal Justice]
:: 2 Works Cited 696 words
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Merck's Response to the Vioxx Debacle - In 2004 Merck was met with serious accusations against the drug known as Vioxx. Vioxx was causing heart complications and increasing the odds of stokes within the patients using the painkiller, in which some cases were fatal. However, according to articles the foremost issue wasn’t Vioxx itself, but rather Merck knew since 2000 that Vioxx possessed these side effects and Merck decided to cover it up for four years, clearly leading to serious public relation issues. Merck was required to preserve the company’s reputation after numerous articles were released, reflecting negatively on Merck’s conduct due to the actions of the Vioxx case.... [tags: Vioxx Case Study] 880 words
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The Amygdala Response to Fear - The Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience examines an article on the amygdala response to fear faces and the way it is different between one’s own culture and other cultures. The amygdala is specialized in detecting threat and includes fearful facial expressions. The researchers of this study hypothesized that amygdala response is greater in individuals of their own culture. This study was conducted on both native Japanese participants and Caucasians in the United States. Functional brain imaging was acquired at two neuro-imaging facilities.... [tags: neuro-imaging studies, race]
:: 1 Works Cited 873 words
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Response to Bitzer's Rhetorical Situation - In The Rhetorical Situation, Lloyd F. Bitzer argues that what makes a situation rhetorical is similar to that which constitutes a moral action as he writes that, “an act is moral because it is an act performed in a situation of a certain kind; similarly, a work is rhetorical because it is a response to a situation of a certain kind”.(3) By defining the rhetorical situation in this way, Bitzer further contends that rhetoric is a means to altering reality. (4) It is through the use of discourse that one is capable of changing reality through thought and action.... [tags: Analysis, Bitzer] 2243 words
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A Biblical Response to Society - Sociology is an extremely valuable tool in understanding how society and individuals interact, function, develop, and change. The study of sociology seeks to make sense of what occurs in front and behind the scenes in a society. For the purpose of clarification, society is defined as a “comprehensive, territorially based social grouping that includes all the social institutions required to meet basic human needs” (Popenoe, 86). We live in a secular world and in a society permeated with sin. As Christians we need to have a proper, Biblical response to society and the world around us.... [tags: Sociology, Society, Culture] 1356 words
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Taco Bell's Response to Lawsuit - Unexpected Event In January 2011, a class action lawsuit was filed against Taco Bell, alleging the restaurant chain used more meat fillers than real ground beef. Specifically, the suit claimed Taco Bell’s products were made with “taco meat filling,” which consisted of extenders and other non-meat substances. The complaint further pointed out that Taco Bell not only misled consumers but also violated federal requirements by labeling “taco meat filling” as beef. This incident was unexpected as Taco Bell was not informed before the lawsuit was publicized.... [tags: Case Study]
:: 8 Works Cited 1507 words
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Analysis of Domestic Abuse Response - ... Domestic violence has been one of the many targets that the federal legislation has attempted to deter. For instance, one of these federal laws would be the Lautenberg amendment. The Lautenberg amendment which was added in 1968 basically means that anybody with previous domestic violence history is not allowed to touch a gun (Justicgov, 2013). What this did for the people who were suffering from domestic violence was allow them feel safer knowing that the abuser could not have access to a weapon which could possibly be used to hurt her and as for the abuser, it showed them that severe consequence will follow those who chose to take part in this kind of activity.... [tags: domestic violence, abuse, lautenberg amendment]
:: 6 Works Cited 819 words
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Analysis and Response: Black Boy - The book Black Boy by Richard Wright is an autobiography set in the Deep South in the early 1900’s. The book starts with Richard being four years old and very mischievous. One day he is playing with fire and accidentally lights the curtains on fire. The house is suddenly in flames and Richard runs out to hide under the burning house. Luckily, his stepfather runs out and finds him before the house collapses. The next years of his life are spent bouncing around from place to place trying to live a steady life.... [tags: Autobiography]
:: 1 Works Cited 891 words
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A Christian Response to Globalization - How globalization is impacting organizations; companies are being operated in a way that is much different that the model we may have been accustom to in the past. Many organizations have developed strategies that reduce the barriers to trade. They have either moved operations to other parts of the globe or brought the work force to their physical (or virtual) locations to fulfill their work force needs. As a result of globalization, many countries have seen rapid industrial growth. In many cases, the process is happening many times faster than it would have prior to the free trade environment we see developing today.... [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]
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Emergency Response Plan for Floods - Flooding is when large amounts of water suddenly invade an area which had been normally dry (Oxford Advanced learners Dictionary). Floods are one of those disasters which are still a major thread to the world despite the so many efforts to combat it. These are natural hazards because though they are brought about by a natural phenomenon, they often cause lots of damage. The immediate impact on survivors is likely to be injury and death of relatives, damage to crops, housing and infrastructure can also conspire to precipitate acute food shortages and homelessness, water supplies may be contaminated with sewage leading disease.... [tags: Flood Contingency Plan]
:: 12 Works Cited 2788 words
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Allied Response to The Holocaust - Actions Speak Louder than Words: Allied Response to the Holocaust The extermination of Jewish people during World War II was a horrific and merciless event that was effectively stopped by the Allies. Once the Allies became aware of the Holocaust, they immediately took action to end it. There have been countless suggestions of what the Allies could have done to prevent the Holocaust, however those would not have been as effective as the solution the Allies had put in place. Despite arguments that the Allies did not make a strong attempt to saving the Jews, by putting all their resources into the complete defeat of Nazi Germany, they were essentially doing all they could.... [tags: extermination, jewish people, horrific events]
:: 8 Works Cited 1157 words
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The National Response Plan - The National Response Plan The National Response Framework is a guide designed to assist local, State, and Federal governments in developing functional capabilities and identifying resources based on hazard identification and risk assessment. It outlines the operating structure and identifies key roles and responsibilities. It established a framework to identify capabilities based on resources and the current situation no matter the size or scale. It integrates organizational structures and standardizes how the Nation at all levels plans to react to incidents.... [tags: Emergency Management ]
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The National Response Framework - Having a basic understanding of community or national emergency plans can assist families in disaster. This is especially true during the response phase. The National Response Framework (NRF) is a great example of a national community reference. According to FEMA’s publication, “The National Response Framework,” from 2013, the NRF is a guide which describes the basis of national response to any form of disaster. The NRF was developed from a long line of response guidance plans. The first was the Federal Response plan which was replaced by the National Response Plan.... [tags: environment, natural disaster]
:: 17 Works Cited 860 words
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Hazardous Materials Incident Response - Hazardous materials can be important in everyday life when properly handled. However, when improperly handled, they can result in injury, death, and destruction as well as have lingering effects that may last for years to come. To address the risk of an uncontrolled hazardous materials release, there must be a coordinated effort to identify, locate, and quantify the hazardous materials in a particular location (Drexel University Safety & Health, 2001). Typically, industry and government agree that a hazardous materials incident is one where • The intentional or accidental release of a hazardous material is responsible for major injury or fatality • The release of the hazardous material or... [tags: Hazardous Waste]
:: 5 Works Cited 1017 words
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Crisis Management Response Plan - An effective crisis management response plan outlines specific procedures for administrator, teachers, and students during evacuation emergencies. Administrators work with teachers, students, parents, law enforcement officers, business and community members, to develop an effective emergency and crises plan. The administrator provides leadership in developing and monitoring the school safety plan and also establishes procedures for emergency evacuation and crisis management at different stages of the plan.... [tags: Crisis Management ]
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Hines’ Article Triggers Response - A journal article’s goal is to inform the reader of a subject, but it also attempts to conjure a response or thought of any kind. “Housing, Baseball, and Creeping Socialism The Battle of Chavez Ravine, Los Angeles, 1949-1959” by Thomas S. Hines causes a reaction from the start by failing to include an abstract to aid the reader. Had I not had a background in Chavez Ravine, this would be a crucial negligence. Once the essay begins, Hines delves straight into Chavez Ravine, the architects behind the housing project there, and the socialist controversy that doomed the project, provoking a number of responses from me ranging from frustration to sympathy.... [tags: American Society]
:: 1 Works Cited 1242 words
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Room, by Emma Donoghue - Whilst in the library skimming through the books, one in particular caught my eyes, Room by Emma Donoghue. The book’s dark colours and large red lettering with a child in the background gave a feeling of evil, not unlike that of the horror movie Insidious, and suggested the book had a horror or supernatural theme to it. Audrey Niffenegger, famous of course for The Time Traveler’s Wife amongst other popular novels, praised Room, saying that it’s ‘a book to read in one sitting.’ This combined with Room being shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2010 and Sunday Times No.1 Bestseller increased my expectations significantly, and cemented it as my choice for this assessment.... [tags: Reader Response]
:: 5 Works Cited 1766 words
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Victims Service Response Paper - Chapter 36 Victims Service Response paper As I read the article on social worker for victim services I thought of how amazing of an individual you would have to be to do this type of work. To work with victims of a crime whether it is domestic violence, rape or murder, these people depend on you. This career to me seemed like it could go in two different directions. Going the way of the criminal system, helping in court for the victims or going more the way of the victim services, helping the victim through the hospital visit and decision making process at that time.... [tags: Job Analysis] 550 words
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Crisis Management and Response - Crisis Management and Response A traumatic stressor is a chaotic threat or display in which an individual or one they care for is subject to uncontrollable risk or harm. (Saleh, 1996) (4) Such incidents have the capability to cause psychological trauma but even the likelihood of such occurrences may be enough to trigger symptoms in an individual. Therefore, the threat of widespread psychological trauma is not limited to direct involvement solely based on proximity or experience but is also inclusive to mundane activities that have the potential to expose persons to trauma indirectly through sources such as family, friends, travel, occupation, recreation, or media outlets of any kind.... [tags: Pyshcology, Health, Informative] 666 words
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Rooting For Africa Response - Dear Editor In response to the article “Rooting for Africa” published in the May issue of ‘BBC Focus on Africa’ magazine, I truly think it is a remarkable thing for African Americans to trace their roots to Africa. I believe it will benefit both the African Americans and Africans. “Rootedness is essential for any human being.” It is consequential for individuals to know where they originate, so that they can have a sense of identity and belonging. Since their ancestors were shipped to the US many years ago, African Americans “culturally...... [tags: Race] 1034 words
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Communitarianism: A Liberal Response - “The only way to identify the requirements of justice is to see how each particular community understands the value of social goods”(Kymlicka 211). This is the approach to justice from the communitarian. Communitarianism in the last few decades has sparked in popularity among political philosophers. Communitarians believe that political theories, such as classic liberalism, leaves out the importance and significance of the community. The communitarian respects and upholds social practices and traditions as a way of governing, and as a way of justice.... [tags: CIDA, communitarianism, liberalism]
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A Response to Functionalism - A Response to Functionalism Stephen Priest in Theories of Mind Chapter 5 describes functionalism as 'the theory that being in a mental state is being in a functional state' and adds that 'functionalism is, in a sense, an attempt to bypass the mind-body problem'. What does this definition really mean. An analogy might clarify the situation. Suppose a young child were to ask me what a saucepan was and in reply I said that it is a means of holding soup or vegetables in water during the time in which they are heated to make them ready for eating.... [tags: Sociology Sociological Essays] 2405 words
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Student Response Systems - Chapter One Student response systems, or clickers, are a wireless handheld device used by students to provide responses to a variety of different assessments as a part of classroom instruction (Caldwell, 2007). Researchers have not yet agreed on a standard term for student response systems. For the sake of this paper, student response systems will be the all encompassing term for this technology. There are different types and brands of student response systems, but the concept is the same for all, which is to provide feedback to the instructor in an interactive way during instruction.... [tags: Wireless Technology, Input Devices] 1863 words
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Human Sexual Response - I. Introduction to the human sexual response A.Definition of sexual arousal B.Differentiation of cognitive vs reflex erection C.Models of sexual response patterns D.Intro to central vs peripheral nervous systems E.General intro to the brain areas activated in arousal F.Gender differences and why we’re only considering boys II. Information processing of sexual stimuli (1st component of sexual response) A.Detection of sexually-salient stimuli III. General arousal raising mechanisms (2nd component) A.Locus coeruleus/noradrenaline B.Studies of the transference of general to sexual arousal IV.... [tags: Sexuality ] 8558 words
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Reading Response Log - 1) P.2 But on the last day an astonishing number of English heavies opened up on us with high explosive, drumming ceaselessly on our position, so that we suffered severely and came back only eighty strong. Reading Response: I wonder how aggressive a war could be. This tells me that a war can be ruthless, with each nation trying to destroy others. A war is only going to make things worse not better since there is always people dying everyday in war. This sentence really reflects the chaos and horror of war.... [tags: military,] 1293 words
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Hidden Harms of the Free Response Tests - The teachers of different departments at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy have their own styles and special tools for teaching. For instance, computer science department teachers in NaUKMA adopt the most advanced technologies into the learning process: they use projectors to show the visuals, make their lectures available for students on the Internet, and e-mail the course leader to cancel the classes. Still, there is one of the most important spheres of the learning process - testing the students’ knowledge - they use one of the most conservative and primitive tools.... [tags: Education ]
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Disaster Response Team - Although not overtly discussed in the readings, it is impossible to fully consider any area of human response without considering cultural differences, influences and impact. When considering Mental Health Counselors being a part of disaster response teams, I was reminded of these individual and collective traumas discussed by Meyers (1994) also being located within and affected by the greater cultural/national affective responses to disasters. This awareness came in part from my personal experiences of having been in the States at the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks and also having been in London during the July 7, 2005 bombings.... [tags: british culture, darkness visible]
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The Church's Response to the Homosexual: Annotated Bibliography - ... McGinniss, Mark. ” The Church's Response to the Homosexual.” Journal of Ministry & Theology 14.2 (2010):129-163. Academic Search Complete. Web. 31 Mar. 2014 This article is about the churches response to homosexuals. When they refer to the churches response they are talking about the many denominations that are associated with Christianity and their standings with LGBT community. The article started with the problem of homosexuality and how Christians go about with interacting with them. It talks about how different countries like Uganda has more than 85% Christian’s population and are setting up legislation designed to toughen penalties against homosexuals.... [tags: Annotated Bibliography]
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