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Girl child – a blessing!

*A wee girl is indeed a blessing from Almighty. A treasure to adore with heart! Below is a sneak peak at how a Muslim must treat his daughters.*

How amusing is a wee girl’s life! Her little heart fraught with teeny weeny things would always deluge in love and kindness.

Even a big, humiliating quarrel would not last long in her sweet little heart, which is already irresistible to trifling grieves.
A girl who with her one smile can make someone happy with her care and concern can make someone’s day and with her love and can win hearts. She is an ocean of emotions and feelings and can understand everything without one saying. A girl today is forward in everything. She is no more limited to the four walls of her house. She is Pilot, Chef, Doctor, Teacher, Minister name any filed and she has achieved it today. Indeed a girl today is not only a house maker but one who can run the country. She is a person who is filled with enormous talent of multi-tasking, patience, understanding, hard work and determination. She is a complete package of Perfection but yet simplicity.

Daughters are not like sons, who easily sheer away to the world of coteries. Her heart always retains a contiguous affinity towards her mom and dad. That fondling and longing would never vanish despite of getting fledged.
A girl, a creation of God without whom the world wouldn’t have turned into generations. Right from the birth is bonded in so many relations and plays every role in best of her efficiency. From the very first relation of being a daughter, sister, wife mother grandmother and all the other additional relations she tries to accomplish it by keeping everyone happy and without any regrets and appreciation. A girl child the strongest human of all both emotionally and mentally always stands by everyone who needs them and even though there are situations at times where no one stands for her.

“I have got only boy tots. I had badly longed for a daughter. Even now, I am hankering and waiting for her. Sons usually tend to recede from us as they surpass boyhood. You may not get to cuddle or kiss them. But daughters aren’t like that; they would always be little munchkins.

Seeing this strange behavior of her daughter, the mother inquired about her reluctance to wear such clothes. But the girl simply refused to talk about the issue and insisted on getting full covered clothes.

Even after stepping into married life, she still would be there, by fondling and dangling on her dad’s shoulder. “

These words from a friend, inspired me to ponder upon a girl child. We all relish the solace of womanhood through a darling daughter, or a loving younger sister, or a caring elder sister, or a romantic life partner or an affectionate mother.

I spent all days and nights wondering about how I am going to nourish my child. I used to imagine the character traits that she'll take from me and her father. Deep within I craved for a little girl. After all, girls are an epitome of love and affection and I wanted to experience this warmth in my life.

The hearty emotions that the Most Benevolent, The Merciful Lord, has obscured in her, serve as a curing medicine for all mental obsessions. With a single smile, she could be an enormous solace.

Islam has immensely respected the solace aka Women. The ‘buried infant’ (of Jahiliyya or Pre-Mohammed SAW Arabia) has been uplifted with the ‘right of inheritance’, by this religion. The Prophet (PBUH), who advised “go slowly, she is a crystal pot”, to the Sahaba who was trotting on a camel along with his daughter, is the greatest liberator of women ever in the history.
It is important to know that without girls a family can’t grow as every boy needs a girl to bring his new generation as she gives birth to the new born. If there wouldn’t be Indira Gandhi then India wouldn’t be a developing country today. Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, Mary kom, Sania Mirza, P.T. Usha are all girls who have brought fame to the country. Mother Teresa who dedicated life for underprivileged and poor and the many Indian women celebrities are examples of girls who have brought respect not only to their families but to the country too. We wouldn’t have them if even they would be killed when they were born. So people should follow their examples and consider girls as gift from God and not curse.

Islam uplifted her by yielding rights and responsibilities; praised that the anchor of glory is not birth but obligation; accorded the freedom of opinion and accolade; brought her forward into the mainstream society and thus rebuked such Arabian minds who surmised girl child as a bane: “When news is brought to one of them, of (the birth of) a female (child), his face darkens, and he is filled with inward grief! With shame does he hide himself from his people, because of the bad news he has had! Shall he retain it on (sufferance and) contempt, or bury it in the dust? (Quran 16: 58,59)

Through scathing locutions Almighty Allah restrained such a savagery, and admonished them “And when the girl-child that was buried alive is asked, for what sin she was slain!” (Quran: 81: 8,9)

This luxury enslaved modern era, too, is treating female child as a menace.

I locked the door and went down to get more details. I met a few friends downstairs and they said that people are beating up one of our watchmen because he molested a little girl.

Usilampatty Taluk, of Tamilnadu, India, is known to be endemic in female infanticide, where husband orders his wife, who gave birth a baby girl “go ahead and snuff her out“! As per the figures by Medical Association of India, five million infant girls have been slain, being victims of foeticide.
Her parents were shocked and her dad furiously rushed downstairs and slapped the watchman. On hearing the story, other residents also joined and bashed him up. Few more girls from the society confessed that they experienced the same.

It is evident from Prophet’s (PBUH) sayings that a daughter is bestowed as a path to eternal success for both mom and dad. Moreover, he exhorted that the attitude towards her, her upbringing and tutelage must be done with due assiduity and vigilance.
The little girl went out for shopping with her mother. They purchased few shorts and sleeveless clothes, but the girl refused to wear them and asked her mom to buy full-length and completely covered clothes.

The affection and affinity Prophet (PBUH) had poured upon his darling daughter Fathima (RA) and Ayesha (RA), who entered in marital life with Prophet in her early teenage, has been a sublime guideline for parents of all times.
After returning home, her mother narrated the incidence to the girl's father. They were suspicious and decided to have a friendly chat with the girl. After persuasion, the little girl spoke up. She whispered that the watchman downstairs touches her at the wrong places.

Prophet (PBUH) adored both the tenderhearted women with due assiduity, yet with a plethora of affection. He fostered Ayesha (RA)’s lust for knowledge. 2210 hadeeth’s had been narrated by Ayesha (RA).

Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) incited: ‘Whoever had a daughter born to him, and he did not bury her alive or humiliate her, and he did not prefer his son over her, Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) will admit him to Paradise because of her.” (Abu Dawud)

“Whoever has three daughters, and shelters them, bearing their joys and sorrows with patience, Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) will admit him to Paradise by virtue of his compassion towards them.” A man asked, “What if he has only two, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Even if they are only two.” Another man asked, “What if he has only one, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Even if he has only one.” (Mishkath)

Prophet (PBUH), also told: “Whoever is tested with daughters and treats them well, they will be for him a shield against the Fire of Hell.

Even though a girl plays so many roles and is efficient and accomplished in everything she is still considered a curse when she is born. Every year 5,00,000 girls are killed in India just on the pretext that the marriage and education of a girl is burden to the family. The Bias against girls is related to the fact that “Sons are called upon to provide the income; they are the ones who do most of the work in the fields. In this way sons are looked to as a type of insurance”. So boys are given more preference than girls. Every Indian family wants a boy who can be a support to them and carry forward the family name. The indiscrimination against girl doesn’t end with her family that after marriage she is tortured for dowry and killed. The practice of Sati and child marriage which is eradicated today was also another discrimination against girl.

(Bukhari Muslim)

Being a naive presence of fondness and amity, and being a fresh spring that carries the tenderness of a rose petal, let every wee girl be the purity of her dwelling. Through wiggling, wrangling and singing, may she make this life amazing.

The girl who is worshipped as goddess is brutally treated by hurting her morality and respect. Every second day girl is raped as she is become a mere object of sex and lust and killed so people are scared to have girls for this reason. The two heart throbbing cases the Nirbahya and the Shakti mill rape case still gives goose bumps to all. People are becoming insane today, they do not even spare the new born babies of such grievous acts. For abolition of such crimes against girls it is first important to change the mind set of people and treat them equally and not a burden. As Government is having free education for girls today so they too are equally efficient to financially support their family. There are even stringent laws for protection of girls that has made them confident to do what they want and move around freely.

May those dew sparkling eyes never bedew with tears. Our little daughters are the lovely gifts from The Merciful Lord. With deluging affection and pamperings, darn nests for them.

download, 159 kb.
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