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  • This book is intended for those who are looking for some tips on improving their abilities, as a student and as a person. Implementing some of these ideas into academic life will surely help a student perform better in the classroom.
    There are many qualities to being a good student but these are the three that are most important. Firstly you need to be a good time keeper. Secondly you need to be able to have good academic skills in order to keep up with the work and to obtain good grades. Thirdly you need to have a passion for the subject that you are studying.

    Hopefully everyone reading this work will learn something that they can do to become a better student and be more successful.

    Qualities of a good student
    Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. The qualities of the student are of great impact to determine the student's bright future and career.

    Author: Mary Rose [Contributor] 749
    Cynthia, what is the word requirement for your speech? You have not managed to properly develop your speech into an informative one because you did not go into greater detail per paragraph topic / discussion. These are not truly informative facts because you have not represented the reasons why you believe that these qualities will make a student a "good student". The speech does not effectively inform the listener. As such, it cannot be considered a good speech or even an actual speech. An actual speech is at least one page long. This is only a half a page long at the most. You need to write more in terms of explaining the qualities of a good student based upon the traits you mentioned. Why are these qualities that make for a good student? Why do you believe that if the student listens to and follows your advice, that he will become a good student? List some questions you want to respond to within your speech that you can work into the paragraph about the trait you are discussing. That will expand the essay and also, make it more informative for the listener.

    So, who is a good student? What are the qualities of a good student? Historically, the term ‘student’ refers to anyone who learns something. However, the recent definition of a “student” is mostly used to refer to anyone who attends school, college, or university.
    Student is a person who learns and for this purpose, he visits schools, colleges, universities and other institutes. A person’s life is a big school itself on which we learn at every step.

    What are the qualities of a good student?

    1. Attitude: Basically, a good student possesses the ability and willingness to learn new subjects even if the subjects are not interesting.
    2. Academic skills: Acquiring academic skills is the most important quality of a good student.
    3. Ability to read comprehensively, to write effectively, to speak fluently, and to communicate clearly are the key areas in which a student must be proficient.
      Good morning principal, teachers and all my fellow students. Today, I would like to thanks for Mr. Tan for giving me this opportunity to speech. My speech entitiled is 'qualities of a good student'.

      Having a good command in all these areas will make a student to shine in the class.
    4. Ability: A good student has the ability to apply the results of his or her learning into a creative way and achieve the goals.
    5. Perceptiveness: How well a student can interpret and perceive meanings from a conversation greatly determines the quality of a student. A good student always perceives right meaning from conversations, but an average student often misunderstands the original thoughts of a speaker or writer and derives a wrong conclusion.
      A good student can have many qualities. They can be polite and attentive, responsible and intelligent, and can take pride in their work while being humble at the same time. However, to be a great student, one must have competent work habits in order to obtain the grades required to be considered a good student. In order to have work habits, one must follow all directions so as to know how to complete the assignments given. A positive attitude helps better receptiveness of the brain and can help improve student-teacher relations. It is always better to have a teacher who is pleased with her students than to have a teacher who cannot stand the sight of her class.

    6. Self-Discipline: Discipline in managing the time is an important factor that every good student must possess. Often delaying the tasks, such as writing assignments, reading text books, etc, may negatively impact the ability of a student to achieve the goals.
      Another way to be a good student is to enjoy school life. Every teacher in the world wants to see hard-working students, but they also want to see a student who enjoys school life and an active student. An active student does not mean funny or athletic student. Active students are the ones who like to be a part of the school society. Active students are mostly involved with activities; for example, sports, clubs or school related organizations. However, it does not stop there. Students try to be a leader from their activities, and they want to show some kind of leadership quality. It is the most obvious evidence which shows how active this person is.

    7. Understanding rather than memorizing concepts: Resolving any doubts by asking about them on the spot is always a good thing. Several surveys suggest students must understand the concepts rather than just memorize them.
      The foremost duty of a good student is to study and work hard. An ideal student also manages playing with the study to stay healthy and fit. He goes to school daily and always remains punctual. He takes all his lessons quietly. He is the obedient student who respects teachers and elders. He is also good with his class fellows and his juniors.

    The memorized facts and theories will stay in student's memory until they leave school, college, or university. Once out of school, the students will totally forget the core concepts that they had learnt.
    A good student maintains good work habits, follows all directions, and has a positive attitude towards learning. These attributes are the key to not only succeeding in school, but also succeeding in life. Good work habits ensure that all assignments are completed and turned in on time, while following directions affords the student a positive relationship with the teacher. Meanwhile, a positive attitude towards learning shows the instructor that the student appreciates the class and the material being taught. A good student knows that being positive, following directions and keeping good habits will please teachers and make it easier for the student to achieve good grades.

    Therefore, it is essential for a good student to understand the concepts.
  • To do:
    Comparison: Student should have to compare with all students and read.
    Behavior: Student should have to know how to behave with his or her mates, teachers, parents and elders.

    In a nutshell, a good student must have this qualities. Thank you.

    To become a good student, you need to get motivated! Motivation can come from seeing the situation of many poor children around the world who are not lucky enough to get a proper education. This is a good thing to keep in mind when you find yourself not wanting to attend class or study at home.

    Another reason to get motivated to study is that you will enjoy a better quality of life as an educated person.
    What is the main characteristic of a good student? A good student must have a huge desire and passion to learn and explore something new. Everything would indeed seem very easy and enjoyable if we think of school as a place for discovering our self as person not as a frustrating place where we are always pressured by a tremendous amount of work. Furthermore, a good student must be punctual, organized, and know how to develop self-discipline. For instance, he or she must always come to class and the assignments and projects on time. Developing a good time-management and self-discipline is, in fact, a part of professional development for students and directly related to their success. In addition, a good student must be active and be polite. A good student would actively participate in the class discussions and would not hesitate to ask questions to his or her teachers. In addition, a good student would also always listen to the teachers and never interrupt when the teachers are talking or explaining something. Other aspects of a good student are honesty and consistency. A good student should be academically honest in all aspects of their schoolwork. For example, he or she would never cheat on tests or presents the work done by others as if it were his or her own (plagiarizes). Lastly, consistency is very critical in the process of learning since it helps students to achieve their academic goals.

    Possibly another reason is to look at people who are famous today, and looking into there education, degrees, grades, school records, etc.

    All you need is confidence! For that, you need to feel that we are enjoying and bettering themselves, study can be looked as a competition and divided as a team task.

    Achievement is demonstrated by successful application of understanding. This aspect includes using correct and confident knowledge, effective communication, and continuanceing of education through out your life. Achievement gives you a sense of accomplishment and meaning. To become a good student, this must be a goal that you wish to accomplish.

    You should avoid forcing yourself to study, as this will make learning a chore and you will not feel like even opening your books, and possibly make you loose your interest in studying. You may have many academically good students in your courses, try becoming friends with them (or encourage your fellow students to be better), and you'll be immersed in an academic environment which will help you feel motivated! But be careful not to make them think you're "using" them, just to get good grades, maybe try being actual friends with them!

    It must be pointed out that methods of evaluation may at times foster individualism and negative competition, preventing others to succeed will guarantee a greater recognition to those who do, sad but true.

    Following instructions is an important skill for a student to master. A competent student knows that following directions helps favor him in the eyes of the teacher. Students who follow directions have more time to work instead of asking pointless questions or disrupting class. Listening to and following directions can prevent confusion, which is why a good student should listen to any and all orders given before beginning the work being assigned.

    Life in most places is setup as a competition for scarcer opportunities. Especially in higher education, keeping the numbers and grades of competitors down has drastic implication for future opportunities.
    What is a role of a good student? One of the educated students' wish is to be a good student. There are many ways that they can be a good student, but no one knows what to do. In my opinion, respect toward the teachers and friends and enjoying school-life are the most important and basic steps that anyone can do. Respecting and enjoying school life seems hard, but it is the simplest way that I can imagine.

    This is also one reason why some governments limit the availability of courses (how demographics and national interests influence specific fields of study) and interest groups lobby hard to increase requirements in the courses and to new entries in the job market.

    A good student is that who loves his studies and does justice to his book. He considers his studies to be his first priority and tries to make the most of the time available for studies. He always keeps in mind the respect of the books, teachers, fellow students and the building in which he studies. He sits in the class attentively and listens to the teacher carefully. He does not ask any questions unless he is allowed to do so. He never deviates from the topic. After the lecture, he discusses the topic with his fellow students. He never clings to his own point of view and gives serious consideration to their reasoning.

    Concentration follows eagerness. This section provides you with the basics of "Concentration" and also provides you with advice as to how to get aroused with concentration.

    You need to pay attention in a class.

    Don't start chatting with your peers/friends when the teacher turns their back to you.
    Consciousness, or awareness, is another helpful aspect of becoming a good student. The good student must be aware of their (agr) surroundings and know what is going on in the world around them. We must strive to relate what is happening around us to what we are learning. This should be important to us because we should care about what is going on politically, academically, socially, and spiritually. Being aware and paying attention is a good trait to continually learn and apply.

    Even better, don't associate with distracting people. You should realize that the people in your class play an important role in how everybody progresses. However, if you are a good student you will do better and achieve your goals.
    Most of students think respect is listening to what teacher says, but there are many things that students can do besides listening. Students can pay attention and doing what teacher says. Also, they can be an honest student. It shows respect toward anyone in school. For example, one of my friends never missed his home works, class works, and projects. He does not get a high grade, but most of his teachers like him. In addition, being ready for the next class shows respect. Being ready for the next class seems it is not related to respect; however, some of my school students missed they assignment or writing equipment. If students follow these steps, such as, pay attention, be an honest student, follow what teacher says and be ready for next class, they can easily show respect all day long.

    If you decide to associate with distracting people, or goof of in class, you'll regret it later and receive punishments from the school.

    Your friends will be there for you at that time, if they are trustful and of a good reputation.

    An ideal student considers book as his best friend. He is hard working and honest. He co-operates with others. He never uses unfair means to pass his exam. A good student is the good citizen of the future on which a nation can be proud. A good student is the one who balances his studies with sports and extra-curricular activities and tries to be the best in all.

    At home, study and do your homework in a place that doesn't make you sleepy. It is advisable to have a dedicated study table or desk. Don't do your study work in front of the TV, radio, stereo, etc. That would be pointless because you are meant to be thinking about your studies.
    Last but not least, we must make a timetable and follow what we wrote in the timetable. Besides that, we can exercise time after time because health is wealth. For instance, we can jogging, swimming and so on. Pretention is better than cure. Hence, we should exercise regularly.

    If you feel distracted, take a short break of 15 minutes or less; maybe try to read an unrelated story book. But don't start sticking to the book if the time limit is over. Bookmark the page and then you can read it later on. You should also have a daily routine/timetable to guide you, but you must follow it through.

    First and foremost, we should hardworking. If we do not know the questions, we can ask the teachers. Thus, we can pass the exam with flying colours. we will get the result at high spirits. Our parents will proud of us.

    It might be difficult to begin with, but hard beginnings make good endings.

    Avoid conflicts; this will move your attention from listening to what your teacher says! "Honored zeros are better than copied hundreds". Avoid cheating. Be honest with yourself and others about what you have learned; if you don't know the answer leave it. Use it as a way to improve your knowledge of the subject.

    A good student always try to apply his learning and studies to the world around him. He tries to find the practical uses of his knowledge in daily routine. An ideal student is not prejudiced and jealous in intellectual matters.

    Remember, study well now, and you will have the chance to have fun after you achieve your goals!

    One of the main things that decides a person's or child's future is their behavior. Learning textbooks and achieving 100% is not enough.

    People should think that you are the only all-rounder that has good manners.
    To become a success in life, we all need to learn to become a good student in every aspect of life. Becoming a good student takes much work and self-discipline. There are many ways that a student can stand out from the rest of the class. These good students are distinguished by their attitude, intellectual skills, consciousness, and achievement.

    Obey your elders, don't bully your classmates at school. Remember, try imagining yourself in the other person's situation, and you'll know how much you hurt them with your actions. Say hello to your teachers and schoolmates when you see them, people will appreciate your friendliness and be friendly in return.
    Attitude is primarily a genuine desire to learn and the will to do hard academic work to achieve understanding. It is also shown by how well you apply yourself even to subjects in which you have little interest and how much you can achieve even when a teacher’s style is not what you are used to. Also attitude can change the way you percieveperceive things …show more content…
    No one else can help you to attain a good attitude, you must decide and make it a goal to have a good attitude in your student life. (CS)

    Use good manners in class. Raise your hand, don't interrupt if someone is speaking, and if you don't have a nice thing to say, then don't say anything at all.

    Above all, try helping your friends in any situation and you'll be remembered as one of the best friends at school! Don't just do it for a good reputation, but for a good future and for yourself.

    Every student is not same. Some follow all the rules while some don’t want to study and some waste their entire time in playing. School time is the period where character of a person builds. Students who are good in this period, do best in the future and who are dull, find it hard to establish in life.

    You should also know that words from your mouth are enough to break relationships (or worse) so don't utter foul, discouraging, or insulting words. If someone is being rude, don't encourage them by laughing because that only makes them continue in their bad behavior.

    Don't take this as a lecture, but as a guideline! Behavior should be first and then comes academics. Even if you aren't good at school, you'll be famous for your behavior, and good friends are truly worth more than gold.

    Your behavior should be such in a way that it should impress others.

    Then, we should follow the rules and responsible. For instance, we should not blame the other people and admit our own mistake. Besides, we should queue up when we buy the food in the canteen.

    Relationship between organizational success and employees satisfaction Introduction The management of people at work is an integral part of the management process. To understand the critical importance of people in the organization is to recognize that the human element and the organization are synonymous.

    He does not takes short cuts towards the tasks of his studies but always follows a thorough approach and keeps his eye on the upcoming challenges of his field of learning. He tries to prepare himself for those future challenges by having a close understanding of the boundaries and limitations of his subject.

    An well-managed organization usually sees an average worker as the root source of quality and productivity gains. Such organizations do not look to capital investment, but to employees, as the fundamental source of improvement.
    Work habits are essential for a student to succeed. A student must be organized in order to handle the many papers he or she receives throughout the day. A student must also store assignments in a place where they are easily found. If a student is not organized, it will be hard for them to find papers to be completed or turned in and the student will be penalized for late or missing work. Good work habits also include eliminating procrastination and replacing the bad habit with diligence and time management. A student must also be punctual in submitting assignments when they are due. Quick, thorough completion, organization, and diligence all are excellent habits that increase the productivity of a student. A good student will realize this and will utilize his or her good work habits to his or her advantage.

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