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Introduction To Baby Dumping Children And Young People Essay

Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015

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From my views baby dumping affecting the community. This case has affected the image of the surrounding communities. They would have embarressed and disappointed by what happened. Of course, teenagers have been blamed in this case. This is because of many young people involved in this activity. Indirectly, it has created a negative perception of people outside on the creadibility of community in overcome baby dumping cases.

Baby dumping is the act of those irresponsible human who dump their babies who are younger than 12 months in the public toilet,garbage bin or even the jungle.It has become a serious social problem in our country because the number of baby dumping cases in our country keep increasing year by year.

Their high possibility could not produce baby more after this because defect occurs in womb. At the same time, due to baby dumping too, occurrence of collapse of family institution. When institution of the family collapse, harmony in family also affected the sprinkle. This case due to, parents feel ashamed of having child that like that the behaviour appearance. They consider child like this has giving a bad name to oneself they. What they worried is surrounding neighbourhood those who definitely regard with a suspicion and negative with their family.

Majority of the people who involved in baby dumping cases are teenagers.This happens when teenagers have unprotected sex before marriage without any planning,unreported rape cases,sex before marriage and also prostitution.
Recently we always see that baby dumping cases come out on the front page of the newspaper. Everyday there are several numbers of infants being found in rivers, dustbins, and even sometimes somewhere that we cannot imagine such as travelling bags.These babies are died in the situation that cannot be accepted by most of the people as the ways of killing these babies are too cruel and cold-blooded. As the number of baby dumping cases has been increasing days by days and it has reached an alarming state, researches are carried out to determine which group of people is the biggest contributor to these serious cases. The outcome of the researches are pointing towards teenagers, who are under age.There are several reasons on why teenagers commit in the baby dumping cases the most and the consequences of baby dumping cases to society.

After they they have unprotected sex,they feel very pressure when they think that the baby might become a burden to them where they are not ready to take care of the baby.They are unable to make a correct decision.
In conclusion,baby dumping is morally and physically wrong.Teenagers should keep a distance from the crimes.They have to learn to be responsible on what they have done and think maturely on the pros and cons of things. They should be able to differentiate good things and bad things.All in all,starting from today, parents and schools must play their roles in fighting baby dumping cases by imposing enough sex education in their children and always beware on their children' action.Baby dumping should be eliminated from now on and leave a peaceful and caring society for us.

Immature mind of the teenagers will make them to think that the best solution is to throw the baby away because they might get rejection from their parents. Some of the boys might deny their actions because they are worried that people will look down on them.
Here suggestion on how to cope this problem. The key is parents must provide religious education so that children know good and bad matter. Besided that, parents should know whom their children friend so that their children friendless with social and must know all their children's activity. Through this it can control their children's movement not to trapped with bad element at outside. Parents also should provide sex education to their children. Sex education is not only about the mechanics of sex but also learning how to respect our bodies and one another. It need not encourage promiscuity, but properly taught can encourage abstinence till marriage and not falling for the “if you love me, you will have sex with me” line. It is needed to encourage responsible sexual behavior and avoid unwanted pregnancies that causes baby dumping. Furthermore, parent is near to them. So, parent is role model in shaping their personality. Beside that, parent need give upbringing to child about moral since small. Early care so important. If child was taught from small with good value, they would not be involved with wrongdoing such as baby dumping.

There are too many factors that can lead to baby dumping cases.Literally,baby dumping shows a bad image to the society and it will affect our country's growth where people other countries will look down on our country.
Baby dumping brings a lot of negative effects to the society. As we know, teenagers are our hopes by which they will be the leaders of tomorrow and they are the one who will lead the world. They will do all the good deeds in order to protect our country and create a transquil and order environment for the future generation.But,sadly things go negative sides.Teenagers are not naive as they should be anymore.They show a bad and cruel attitudes towards problem solving.They kill babies and their hands are full of reddish bloods.They are demon.Once a teenager starts practising bany dumping, surely more and more teenagers will follow after him.What is going to happen next? We cannot imagine how these teenagers are going to destroy the world,themselves and future generation.Teenagers create a harmful environment and break the order of peaceful lives.

Investors will never dare to invest in a country with a lot of social problems like this.It can also affect the reputation of our country.Teenagers can easily make mistake without the proper guidance from the correct person.
Hi,this is my first essay on this english test net and i hope that someone can have some time on it.If i did mistakes in my essay,please help me to corret them.Your kindness would be pleased and appreciate so much.

The government,parents and schools should work together to prevent teenagers to dump their babies.

2.0 Presentation and analysis of findings

2.1 How baby dumping affect the country's growth

2.1.1 The negative views from other countries

This issue can cause a bad image of society and country. People from other countries will never think of migrating to our country which has so many social issues.

Besides that, the economic state of teenagers also contributes to baby dumping cases. Teenagers are not able to raise a baby on their own. They are under age and what they have to do now is enjoying their school or college lives. They do not have to work to support a family because they are not able to carry such a huge responsibility. Themselves also have to rely on their parents at this stage of early ages and how could they raise small families on their own. They will never ever get into the matter.In order to solve their problems, most of them would choose baby dumping as the best way inspite of other methods.Only through baby dumping, they will forever say goodbye to their burden of raising a baby.Most of them consider baby dumping as the best way because it will not leave over effects on them in the future.But, their thoughts are definitely wrong because they have killed innocent babies and they will suffer from that bad and memorable nightmare throughout their whole lives.

Our country will get negative views from the society and foreign countries. The action shows how cruel is our country's citizen.

2.1.2 The number of investors who invest in our country decreases.

Baby dumping cases actually affect the economic growth and our country's economy might be stagnated when less investor invest in our country when we have a bad image. This will also affect the foreign investment in our country. People in the country will also be affected when there is problem with the economic growth of the country. The unemployment rate increases hence the crime rate will also increase accordingly.

2.1.3 The Government is spending more money

The Government need to accommodate the baby's expenses and this will be a burden to the government in term of money where they will also need to spend money to solve these cases. They will also need to find out the parents of those abandoned babies. When the government is spending more money on this issue, some other people who needs financial help might not get the full financial aid.

2.1.4 The increase of the number of crime rate.

The number of crime rate increases due to the increase of baby dumping cases which is also a criminal where that is actually an action of the people who tries to kill or killed their babies.

Baby disposal effect to individuals was individual will experience disorder mental and emotion nervous and guilt. They will always remember on offence that have they done. Perhaps they doing said matter because has to only to close ashamed and not want to look after baby. Apart from that, individual which made planning to remove the baby would not ask medical aid from doctor. This case cause individual likely blood lost, germs infection and injury during delivery.

Those who found guilty to the case of baby dumping can be jailed for 7 years.

2.1.5 Affection to the society normal growth

The action of dumping a baby will be mimicked by people all in the country when they had unwanted pregnancy and they don't have any idea what to do to the baby after giving birth .The society will become unhealthy due to this issue which keep increasing year by year.

2.1.6 Influencing the nation of the country

The number of population in the country will become smaller and smaller. The country will face difficulties in developing and moving forward for improvements due to the lack of workers in various industries and our country will have to hire foreign workers which will threaten the people in our country.

In conclusion, there are many factors that lead to cases of baby dumping occurred. This problem should be addressed and resolved to carry out these steps effectively before the situation worsens and threatens the future of the country. In this case, all parties must cooperate and work together to solve this problem because like the Malay proverb says, "because the sewer water round, round man for consensus".

2.2 Steps to prevent baby dumping cases

2.2.1 Parents should pay more attention on their children

Parents have to monitor their children's activities and behavior. They should guide them with some sex education and also teach them to differentiate between correct and wrong things to do in any situations.

First and foremost, I shall brief you on the factors that causes baby dumping. One factor that leads to baby dumping is teenage pregnancy. The first reason is teenagers are lacking of sex education. Parents and schools do not inject sex education onto teenagers' mind since they were small. Parents always think that their children will understand everything about sex when they grow up. This is the natural ability that everybody has and they no need to talk to their children about sex. Most of the parents feel ashamed and uncomfortable everytime their children ask them questions about sex.They refuse to give a positive explanation and a clear view to their children and always claim that they are too small to know about sex. Due to the lack of basic knowledge, surely they do not know how and where a baby comes. At the level of puberty,teenagers are full of curiousity and they want to try everything that they have not tried before.They will feel curious about their boy friends and girl friends. Urged by their strong curiousity,they have a special relationship with their partners.After the process, they might have a baby.When they face problems such as pregnancy, they will try to solve the problems illegally and the best solution to them is baby dumping.

Besides that, they should spend more time communicating with their children to give a better understanding of what their children are actually doing.

2.2.2 Restrict the number of pornography websites in our country

Pornography is one of the ways which lead to baby dumping. Teenagers could access to pornography in just a few clicks on the internet.

Besides that, parents did not pay a lot attention to their son’s, especially about moral education, but in my opinion not only moral education is the main role that causes baby dumping phenomenon because the other role such as internet, television also one of the cause behind baby dumping. There are still some of us who do not understand the real meaning of sex. Consequently, certain abuses take place. In the web for example, we have the cyber sex which is getting a lot of attention especially from the teenagers. We cannot of course prevent them from chatting in the web or engaging into cyber dates since the internet has proven its worth in terms of socialization and communication. That’s easy to interupe teenage to the sex without marriage and then, when they make sex and pregnant without married, the problems that could make one get confused and decide to do things that cannot be done by a normal human being,so that’s why some women decide to dump their children.

The parties who are involved should ban some of the pornographic websites, so that teenagers will not be able to access to pornography.

2.2.3 Moral behavior by the parents

Parents play an important role to educate their children about sexual behavior, the way to stay out of sexual relationships and how dangerous is unprotected sex. All these must be explained to the children and they will be able to do things rationally. Parents should teach them the way to prevent pregnancy and what will happen when the children have free sex.

2.2.4. Sex education in school

The school should provide proper sex education to the students so that they will know how important is his or her body and relationships. The students have to know more about sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS and how it affects human's body.

Secondly, peer influence. Parents who are always busy work are result their child have more time to gather with their friends rather than them. Therefore, this situation will become worst when their child are friend with gangster or friends who have many bad habits. So that, when their friends persuade them do somethings, they just follow what their friends say. Because for them, this is the way to show that they are best friends. This is because at a young age, teens are very easily influenced by their peers. This problem becomes worse when they associate with negative peers. Negative friends who will invite young people to do things outside the boundaries of religion and norms of society, such as going to places of entertainment such as disco, taking drugs and doing free association. Teens who fall in the arena, the arena will be negative sexual promiscuity, and eventually reached a dead end to find that her pregnancy. In desperation, they had to discard their babies.

The school counselor should always be ready to guide the students and lead them to the correct way.

2.2.5 Teenagers should learn self control techniques

Teenagers nowadays normally will not able to think rationally because they are not mature enough to make decision. They should learn all the techniques of self-control to prevent them from having unprotected sex or sex before marriage that will cause unwanted pregnancy. They have to control themselves because they have the right to say 'NO' if someone offered sex. They should attend youth camps and campaigns so they will able think rationally.

2.2.6 The government should organize campaigns and talks

The government should organize more campaigns and talks and encourage more students to join to educate them with the knowledge of sex education and the effect of baby dumping to themselves, the community and the country to create awareness among the teenagers about baby dumping and free sex.

2.2.7 Create awareness through mass media

Mass media is also a very important way to prevent baby dumping. This is the best way to educate and communicate with the teenagers. The mass media department can organize some programs for teenager on television or radio about the importance of protecting themselves from getting involved in sex by providing them useful information and knowledge. Moreover, they can invite psychologist and sex therapists for some special programs on sex education to have more personal discussion and allow the public to call on-air for a 'call session' if they have any hesitation about sex.

2.2.8 New rule should be formed

The government should form a new rule to restrict the teenagers below 18 years old to check-in hotel or motel without parents or guardian so that the free sex can be reduced among the teenagers so that they will not able to check in to a hotel to do something that will destroy their future. This can also prevent cases like violation to happen.

2.3 Conclusion

In conclusion, the awareness of unprotected sex and sex education showed the significant link with our country's baby dumping issues. Teenagers should have a good understanding on unprotected sex so they can prevent sex before marriage and unwanted pregnancy. Parents, government and schools should work together to educate the children about the sex education so they will not easily get involved in the unprotected sex at the young age. Teenagers should know how to protect themselves. Actions should be taken by all the parties to prevent teenagers from making a wrong decision. If no one is working on it this will literally leads to a bad reputation of our country. Government should organize more programs that not only open to teenagers but open to the public. After running all the steps of prevention, hopefully the reduction of baby dumping cases goes effectively.

6. Recommendation

In order to cope with this baby dumping cases, government should come out with several policies and programs. First of all, the government may incorporate sex education in school curriculum as part of a holistic approach to tackle baby dumping cases. This approach is needed in order to provide awareness and better understanding of reproductive system and health at school level. Besides that, the government also can restructure or add the syllabus in certain subject such as "Pendidikan Islam" or "Pendidikan Moral" in order to create awareness and highlighted the consequences of social problems like free sex and baby dumping.

The government also should promote Islam as a way of life especially to the Muslim youth as we can see nowadays; most of the people who involved in baby dumping were Muslims. Islamic scholars and Ulama'

must take this responsibility to explain to the community about Islam. However, it is important for the religious persons to use suitable method according to target group in performing this task. The government also can bring the Ulama' or others religious person from other religion to give talk to the teenagers based on their belief especially when there is a program for teenagers as well as when there is a national campaign to curb with this kind of social problem.

Drastic step by the government in categorizing baby dumping as a criminal amounting to murder if it meets with all the legal specifications is also can be introduced. The government can give another chance to the guilty parents if their baby is found alive but if the baby is found dead, the guilty parents need to be penalized under this criminal act.

3.0 Introduction to Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) can be defined as the technology that is used to store,acquire,organize,communication and data processing.Generally,IT (Information Technology) has brought a huge improvements to the human in their daily lives.IT makes life easier where IT helps human by doing things for them faster,precise and efficient.IT contributes a lot to education, health industry, money, careers,leisure and government departments.Everyday there are new inventions and innovations such as computers,laptops,digital cameras,music players,.IT helps in the economic growth and developments of all the countries in the world.Examples of information technology include smartphones,televisions,printers,radios,music players and other electronic gadgets.Information Technology contributes a lot in education.It helps student to do things effectively and reduce the random errors that can be caused by the students.It helps college students in doing research,projects and also their assignments.Information Technology also helps human in exchanging informations with each other.Information Technology has become one of the most important things in the world.Hunans nearly can't live without the help of InformationTechnology.

How IT(Information Technology) influence me as a college student

Communicate with lecturers through social networking

I can easily start a conversation with my lecturer in just a few clicks.Group chats and discussions where we can share our thoughts with all the lecturers and giving ideas in the progress of learning new topics.It also helps me to get closer with all the lecturers,when I have any problem or question I can easily get to them and discuss with them.This helps me to improve in the progress of my course.We can even make video conference to discuss about our assignments so the lecturers can give us a better understanding of some topics.

Information technology as an additional knowledge

Information technology became an additional knowledge to us where we can actually make use of them after we graduate from the college in the future. There are too many things in information technology for us to learn and all those are lifelong knowledge that can be used in the world of career and create more employment opportunities.

Gained ability to follow instructions

Through computer, I gained the ability to follow instructions and problem solving skills.I will learn how to instruct others and also to accept opinions by others and this will help me when I work in a large organization later.This is a very goodway for me to learn and behave myself.

Access to online libraries

Ebrary(electronic library) is an online digital library which contains ebooks.It offers variety of books from different language which I can easily get access to it and eventually I can read books anytime and anywhere without going all the way to the library.It saves time and also will help us to get information quicker.It can also save papers where I don't need to buy or photocopy books when I need to read a book,I can easily access to the ebrary in just a few clicks.

Multimedia learning resources

The multimedia learning resources which can explain the phenomena and arouse my interest to learn and do thing rationally.I will be able to learn more from Information Technology that will help me in my studies and I will have more interest in process of learning in the college.

Easily collect and gather information

I can easily collect and gather information that I need for my assignments in the whole progress of my studies.I will have more sources to on finding of materials through internet.On the other hand,I can view news and read articles online so that I can perform better personal development and self improvement.

Store and protect information

With the IT inventions,now we will be able to store our documents or files into the online webstorage,where we can actually store and backup the information in the system so we will never lost it and in case if any file is missing we still have a hard copy in the system and this system is very secure which can prevent hackers from gaining access to my private information.

Gained the ability to work productively and securely

I'll have a better experience in time management.I can learn how to work productively and securely when the lecturers give us some work such as the typing some words and where we will need to finish it in a period of time.I can learn more about the way to manage my stuff by doing them perfectly in a given time.

Develop Presentation skills.

With the use of Microsoft powerpoint,now I learn the ways to present correctly.Next,I can also easily present the information for my assignment to give a better understanding of my assignment.This develops effective presentation skills to be used in the future.Presentation is very important in all types of industries in my country.This can also build more confidence in myself so i will be able to present perfectly in the future.

Always get up to date information in a short time and get the latest updates.

When i do my project,I can easily get the latest update of all the informations I need.I can search everything i want on the internet in order to finish my tasks and or projects.For example,i can read the latest news online,ebooks,journals and magazines.The access to all these books is very simple and it saves my time on doing my project and this will also train myself to be more responsible in doing things whether for the community or the country.

Improve my technical skills and learn teamwork skills.

Through Information Technology I can improve my technical skills in computers and electronic devices and I will understand how to run software on the computer that can make my work easier. Besides that, from Information Technology I learn the teamwork skills where I can use it in the future so that I can easily get used to the trend of working with a team of people in an organization .I will become more motivated in doing things.

Invention of laptops

The invention of laptops make my life easier.I can keep all my private documents in the laptop because im the only owner for the laptop so this is more to privacy.Furthermore,the laptop will increase the vulnerability of my data,Laptop is more convenient because it is portable and I can bring it everywhere and do my assignment any time when I feel like doing it.


IT should therefore be a must for every person especially to students,Information Technology contributes a lot to education especially in a college,the students use information technology to do their work so that they will be more efficient.Moreover,it will only help college students to complete their tasks more effective and faster besides of improving productivity.Information Technology continues to develop day by day.The new Information Technology Applications that can help in the progress of studying of the college students.Now,they can actually learn more and save time in doing tasks.Students eventually can get information easily from the internet.Students can learn a lot with Information Technology.A student will become more responsible when they come to the world of career after they graduate.This will create more employment chances to them with the knowledge of computer by the information technology.

Year 04 - 78 67 83 76 102 79 91 total 576

Future Leaders' Perception on Baby Dumping Issues In Malaysia

Nazni Noordin 1+

, Zaherawati Zakaria 2

, Mohd Zool Hilmie Mohamed Sawal 3

, Zaliha Hj Hussin 4

and Kamarudin Ngah 5


Faculty of Administrative Science & Policy Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA, P. O Box 187, 08400

Merbok, Kedah. Malaysia 3

Faculty of Information Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, P. O Box 187, 08400 Merbok, Kedah

Malaysia 5

Centre for Policy Research and International Studies (CenPRIS), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Pulau


Abstract. The increasing cases of outrageous acts of dumping new-born babies and foetuses in Malaysia recently alarming the Malaysian to take serious attention in handling this matter. This research was about teenagers' perception on baby dumping issue. Out of 7,535 populations at four selected schools at the area of

Bakar Arang State Assembly under Sungai Petani Parliamentary, Kedah, 400 students were selected as respondents. In this study, simple random sampling was used. This research used Descriptive Statistic and

Pearson Correlation for data analysis purposes. Data were collected from July until October 2010. Three hypotheses were tested and accepted. The result indicates that there were positive relationship between awareness towards consequences of free sex, knowledge on sex education and religious belief towards baby dumping cases. The significant of this study was awareness creation on consequences of having free sex among youngsters as well as parents and school administration and also inclusive of religious bodies/agencies in taking seriously on the impact of this issue towards our social development in global era.

Conclusion/Recommendations: The recommendations were made to the parties concerned in this issue in order to find the best solution in curbing this problem.

Keywords: Baby dumping, Teen, Awareness, Sex Education, Religious Belief.

1. Introduction

Lately, Malaysia is facing a serious issue regarding on baby dumping which getting more chronic and cause a lot of attention. This social problem appears every day in newspaper and mass media. From the period of January until July 2010, public were shocked, appalled, dismayed by the increasing reported cases of abandoned babies, some of whom were found dead. This incident indirectly indicated that something is wrong in our society [1][2][3][4][5].

What is actually the issue of baby dumping? It is not only just dumping new-born babies but also refers to discarding or leaving alone, for an extended period of time, a child younger than 12 months of age in a public or private setting with the intent to dispose of the child. The worse situation of this issue also can be seen when a girl gives birth in a school bathroom at night then throws the baby into the garbage or in the toilet bowl, also when a baby flung in the chicken coop, a baby swaddled in newspapers left squalling by a fly-infested dustbin, a baby abandoned under the harsh sun beating down on a wet rice field, a baby stuffed into a cabinet drawer, a baby left on the doorsteps of people's home with notes or in a mosque. It is so embarrassing, sad and worst scenario that happened in our society.


Corresponding author. Tel.: +604- 4562519; fax: +604- 4562234

IPEDR Vol.28 (2012) © (2012) IACSIT Press, Singapore Statistics from the Malaysia Welfare Department for this year, from January to April 2010, reported that 111 unmarried young girls were pregnant. The figure, however, is just the tip of the iceberg as many cases go unreported and pregnancies terminated. It also reported in New Straits Times on 23rd July 2010, the body of a baby girl found in a bag at a bus stop near the Sultan Ismail Hospital, Johor Bahru in the morning. Also there a baby found buried. New Straits Times on 18th July 2010, reported that a fetus was found buried by the roadside in Jalan 12, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor.

Baby dumping is not the solution to a life problem and it could be charged under Section 317 of the

Penal Code which carries a maximum jail term of seven years or fine or both according to the Malaysian law.

For the past few years there are many newborn babies have been found, dead or live in the most unlikely places like rubbish dump. For instance, The Malay Mail on 26 July 2011 [5] reported that a fetus with the umbilical cord intact was found in a garbage can at Pulau Mutiara wholesale market in Jalan Makloom,

Penang. This shows clearly that "baby dumping" is really serious problem that currently happened in our society.

2. Problem Statement

Table 1.Statistic of baby dumping cases from the Headquarters of Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM): By - State from 2005 until 7 April 2010

Cases of Baby Dumping Reported in Each State from 2005 until 7 th

April 2010

States Number of cases

Selangor 105

Johor 83

Sabah 65

Sarawak 34

Negeri Sembilan 24

Pulau Pinang 22

Perak 19

Pahang 17

Kedah 17

Kelantan 10

Terengganu 5

Melaka 3

Kuala Lumpur 2

Perlis 1

Total 407

Based on Table 1, the statistic from the Headquarters of Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) [6] indicated that there were 407 cases of baby dumping, for the past five years starting from 2005 until 7th April 2010.

On average, there are 68 cases every year and these cases keep increasing. While in Figure 1.2.1, it shows that, there are 472 babies found dumped nationwide since 2005 until 16th August 2010.

In year 2010 alone, it already recorded 65 cases up to 16 August 2010. That is means average 8 cases per month solely in year 2010 and this figure is not included the cases that not reported. According to Federal

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Director Commissioner Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin, this year alone

(2010), as at 16 August 2010, 65 dumped babies had been. As compared to 42 cases during the same period last year (2009), there is an increase in these cases [7].

Recently, the Cabinet also informed that there were 21 recorded cases of students who got pregnant out of wedlock between 2006 and 2010. Then, what about the unreported and unrecorded cases? Public belief that the figure more than what we can imagine. After all the shocking incidents proven by the data produced by PDRM and Welfare Department, we found a strong base to do this study.

3. Methods & Material

A simple random sampling technique was conducted among 400 students (out of total 7535 students)

from Form One until Form Six (Upper Six) in secondary schools at the area of Bakar Arang State Assembly under Sungai Petani Parliamentary, Kedah. The schools involved were Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan 138Ibrahim, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Pasir, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Khir Johari and

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Sungai Petani in Sungai Petani, Kedah.The data was analyzed using

Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) in getting descriptive statistic and correlation.

4. Results & Discussion 4.1. Profile of Respondents

Out of 400 respondents, there were 183 (4575%) male respondents and 217 (54.25%) female respondents. This finding showed the dominant of female respondents in this study. Regarding the age group, the respondents were in the age of 13 years old (18 students or 450%), followed by 14 years old (51 students or 12.75%), 15 years old (44 students or 11.00%), 16 years old (97 students or 24.25%), 17 years old (94 students or 23.50%) and lastly 18 years old and above which is 96 students or 24.00%. The highest respondents in this study was 16 years old, followed by 18 years old, 17 years old, 14 years old, 15 years old and the lowest respondents were 13 years old. The race of respondents in this study consist of three major races in Malaysia which is Malay, Chinese, and Indian and the balance was other races. From the finding, it can be concluded that the highest race in this study was Malay, which consist of 242 students (605%), followed by Chinese, 75 students (18.75%), Indian 67students (16.75%) and the lowest was other races which consist 16 students (4.00%).

4.2. Result of Findings

H1: There is a significant relationship between awareness towards consequences of free sex and baby dumping issue from the secondary school students' perspective.

Table 2. Awareness on consequences of free sex towards a perspective of baby dumping issue

Awareness towards consequences of free sex

Baby Dumping Pearson Correlation 0.396**

Sig. (2-tailed) 0.000

N 400

**. Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed).

There was a significant relationship between awareness towards consequences of free sex and a perspective of baby dumping issue from the secondary school students' perspective whereas P =0.000 and r

= 0.396. Significant level is P < 0.05 (P = 0000). So, the researcher accepts the H1.

This means, the awareness towards consequences of free sex has an influence towards perspective of the baby dumping issue. This finding was also supported by APWLD Annual Report 2010 [9].

H2: There is a significant relationship between knowledge on sex education and baby dumping issue from the secondary school students' perspective.

Table 3: Knowledge on sex education towards a perspective of baby dumping issue.

Knowledge on sex education

Baby Dumping Pearson Correlation 0.445**

Sig. (2-tailed) 0.000

N 400

**. Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed).

There was a significant relationship between knowledge on sex education and perspective of the baby dumping issue from the secondary school students' perspective whereas P = 0.000 and r = 0.445.

Significant level is P < 0.05 (P = 0000). So, the researcher accepts H2.

This means, the respondents agreed that knowledge on sex education is important in order to prevent or reduce the number of baby dumping that happen in Malaysia. Besides that, most of the respondent agreed 139that by learning sex education, teenagers will be more matured and responsible to themselves and having knowledge on sex education is important to prevent free sex among teenagers.

H3: There is a significant relationship between religious belief and baby dumping issue from the secondary school students' perspective.

Table 4.Religious belief and a perspective of the baby dumping issue.

Religious Belief

Baby Dumping Pearson Correlation 0.386**

Sig. (2-tailed) 0.000

N 400

**. Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed).

There was a significant relationship between religious belief and a perspective of baby dumping issue from the secondary school students' perspective whereas P = 0.000 and r = 0.386.

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