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Cutting down trees

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People should stop cutting down trees!

People should stop cutting down trees for many different reasons, like trees get rid of Co2, trees exhale oxygen, many medicines come from the rainforests, you will probably kill animals when you cut down trees.

These are the reasons I could think of for why people should stop cutting down trees, and here is my essay on it:

People should stop cutting down trees because trees take in Co2 which causes global warming.

Global warming makes things like tornadoes more common, and as we all know tornadoes and hurricanes (another thing that co2 makes more common) can do a LOT of damage.
These plants of which would then be eaten by animals would then be lacking this compound and so the animals could then die. The greenhouse effect and global warming is a consequence of cutting down trees greatly linked to the disruption in the carbon cycle. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide create a thick layer that absorbs the heat and reflects it back to Earth, rather than leting it be lost to space. This causes the Earth’s climate to change as temperatures go up. This can have many bad effects to the earth. For example this then causes the melting of ice caps. This causes loss of habitat and so the chance of extinction of animals in this area increases. The melting of the ice caps also causes the sea levels to rise and so flooding of low level land occurs. This in turn causes loss of habitats as well as destroys crops. The loss of habitats can then cause less rainfall which then results in droughts and so crops die and create barren land as well as people become ill.

Here is a Co2 graph on the amount of Co2 that we are producing:

This graph tells us that we are producing more Co2 then ever before both because we are creating machines that produce Co2 and because we are cutting down trees. Co2 is bad both because it causes global warming (explained above) and because it is poisonous to animals, but a little Co2 is good, because without it trees, and other plants would die, resulted in us dying too.
Another example of why I think people should stop cutting down trees is because those trees could be home for wildlife. Once, when I was hiking in the woods, I found a bird’s nest on the ground right next to a fallen tree. This is important because, some birds provide food, yet if their home is destroyed; try imagining Thanksgiving without turkey for dinner. Also, some animals eat animals that annoy us like bats eating mosquitoes. This is important because I don’t think anyone on earth would want to be ambushed by ten thousand mosquitoes. Finally, there are the bushy tailed tree climbers, the squirrels. The squirrels dig small holes so they can bury acorns to dig up for food in the winter. If the squirrels forget to dig up some of the acorns he buried, the acorns will grow into oak trees. This is important because the tree population won’t decline, it will increase because of the squirrel’s gardening skills.

(explained below)

Another reason people should stop cutting down trees is because trees exhale oxygen which is what humans breathe, and if we run out of oxygen then no one would be able to breathe.

Another reason people should stop cutting down trees is because many medicines used to treat diseases come from the rainforest and if we cut them all down then there won’t be any plants left to make medicine, and all of the people with cancer or other diseases with medicine that comes from the rainforest would probably die.

Finally, I think people should stop cutting down trees because we need trees to make oxygen for us to survive. The scientific term for plants creating oxygen is called photosynthesis. It would be even worse if people smoke and cut down a tree at the same time because one, the tree wouldn’t be able to produce oxygen anymore, two, the smoke will pollute the air, three, there is a huge chance that of a forest fire. One time, my friend Almir heard a news story about a man who caused a forest fire because he was smoking while cutting down a tree. Pretty much, no trees means no oxygen, and no oxygen means no life on earth. I used to think that you could breathe in any type of gas, but now I know that the only gas that is healthy to breathe in is oxygen.

Here is a link to a site that tells how people are making Ebola worse by cutting down forests:

It explains things like how researchers think people first caught Ebola, and trying how people are trying to stop the spread of it into different countries.

Some people never think before cutting down a tree; they just grab their axe, and go find a perfectly good tree and chop it down to the ground. They probably don’t know that the earth would become a polluted wasteland without trees; some of those trees could be home to small animals, and that we need trees to create oxygen for us to survive.

Here is another link that says when people started to use medicines from the rainforest, and other things like that. Here it is:

Another reason people should stop cutting down trees is because when you cut down a tree there might be a birds nest or a squirrels nest or some other animal living up there and if you cut that tree down the animal might die and even if it doesn’t it will almost certainly be injured, and animals have just as much right to live as humans, and as a fact, humans are animals.

Now you see why people should stop cutting down trees, because the world would be a wasteland, animal’s homes will be destroyed, and trees make oxygen so we can breathe; so before you go cut down a tree, think about what you are going to do.

Here is a website that says what happens to animals when you cut down the forest that they live in:

Another reason people should stop cutting down trees is because when you cut down large areas of forest you are destroying their habitat, killing their prey, (or killing the plant that they eat) scaring off what prey is not killed and you are killing them and starving the ones that you don’t kill, and when you do this not only are you killing animals (same answer as above) you are also killing off entire species.

This is because the cutting down of trees increases completion for not just habitats but also for food. This lack of resources and therefore increase in competition means that many animals die and they are not able to compete successfully for what they need to live. The loss of trees also could mean the loss of camouflage for many animals of which normally live in and around trees and normally use trees to cover and camouflage themselves. This means that prey cannot hide as easily and so is a lot easier to see for the predator and so the prey is a lot easier to catch changing the competition. However it also mean the prey can see the predators more easily due to the loss of trees and so have more of a chance to get away from the predator of which they did not have before. So in conclusions there are many catastrophic effects of which occur from the cutting down of trees if which all have detrimental effect on the environment that we live in.

Yeah. You’re doing ALL of those things at once when you cut down trees.

I took a survey with people in my class and this was the result:

In conclusion cutting down trees is bad, and people should stop doing it. The result of the chart proves that people want it to stop, and the graph and the rest of the essay prove that cutting down trees IS bad.
Despite the many things that are created from cutting down trees, I abhor the fact that trees are being destroyed because trees provide a home for many creatures, they are the lungs of our world, and trees have medicinal benefits that are useful to the human race. Trees are very beneficial to the world and it is immoral to keep destroying the trees that at times feeds us and keeps the air clean.

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