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Once the SPM exams are over, some of you may feel lost. The purpose of my talk is to explain the options which are open to you after you have sat for your SPM exams.
SPM ended on 8th December 2011 ( Biology was the last paper) which meant freedom started on 9th December 2011 onwards!

What you do after your SPM exams depends very much on whether you want to further your studies. For those who want to stop schooling after SPM, it is important for you to pick up some skills that will enable you to get a job.

Hmmmm sitting at home, eat, sleep, reading books, tourist,, surfing net, shopping…… huh so bored. I am waiting patiently until I got offer from Polytechnic Kulim Kedah sitting course of business study. I am really happy that time because I can go out from my state. Oh my god!! I really happy that time. That is my dream. U knows why?? Because before this I never stay at hostel and far from my family. Actually I also got offer when I am at high school but my father don’t want give me the permission to stay at the hostel because he said that I am the youngest and he want to spend his time with me. Yeah… so sad when he said like that. But he also said that I can further study when I am complete my high school certificate. So in July 2006 my father send me to Kulim Kedah. In the journey my parents really sad because they said that they never feel like this because they all always stay with me about 17 years old. I am liar if I am said that I m not crying when they want to go back Shah Alam. For the first time I saw my dad really cried until his face become red. At the same time my mother told me that she still hope that I can further my study at UiTM like my sister. I just said, we just pray together that I have an offer from them.

Some of you may want to enrol yourself for practical courses like tailoring and hairdressing. Others may want to become apprentices in electrical shops and car repair shops. Some may choose to have a career in the fast food line.
Intake December 2007, I enter to study in UiTM Terengganu taking Pre-Commerce. Here not many friends like Polytechnic. I am just bored here because of the environment there make me uncomfortable. Luckily I just spent time to study here about 4 month and then they will take us to continue our study in Diploma course that we already choose. After the 4 months we get the result. I get an offer to continue my Diploma study in Business Study Insurance at UiTM Alor Gajah Melaka. Intake July 2007, I just continue study here with a new friends and open new life here. Went to many place make me more experience and I have a lot of information that I can share with my friends and my family. Thank you mum and dad. U all are everything for me and my lovely forever. Without them and their supported I can’t understand meaning of life and to be independent person.. so to all of my friends appreciate your life and make it your life happiness and adventures.

As for those who prefer to work in offices, it is essential for you to be computer literate. Many offices are computerised. You need to learn word processing skills and perhaps, book keeping as well. When you have formal training, you can get better pay for your services.
When the half of my study there, my sister calling me and she said that I got second offer to continue my study in Pre-Commerce at UiTM Terengganu. At the first impression, I don’t want to accept that offer because I already suitable study in this Polytechnic. Unfortunately, when my mum call me and she said that she really want I accept that offer and she said that Uitm Certificate is better than Polytechnic. That is my mother open minded. I thought that I am so young and better if we heard what our parents want. For mum, I make the decision to continue my study at UiTM.

From an informal survey I did among the Form Five students in this school, I found that the majority of you want to continue your studies after your SPM. Many options are open to you. You can join a twinning program. This program enables you to complete one or two years of tertiary education in Malaysia and the rest in a university overseas.

This is the period of life where one experiences the new meaning of education, friendship, extra-curricular activities, love, understanding, care, disappointment, success, failures and awareness.

Many private colleges cater for this segment of the student population. For example, Inti, Metropolitan, Stamford, and KDU. One of the selling points of twinning programs is that you can get a degree of your choice in a shorter time. It is like a short cut which bypasses STPM. Well, go ahead if your parents can support you.

What about the rest of you who do not want to get a degree overseas? If you want to get a degree from a local university, you can either choose to do your STPM or apply for a place in the Matriculation or Diploma programs.

If you opt for Matriculation or Diploma programs, you do not need to go through STPM. I know many of you feel that it is futile to go through two years of STPM and later not qualify for a place in local universities.
While other waste this by mixing with wrong company and neglecting their studies, well being and bright future. They laze around , gossip, indulge in unhealthy activities and are begged down in life due to the lack of knowledge, qualification, skills and positive values.

I've heard groans that it is difficult to score in STPM. Well, a grown-up baby no longer solely depends on milk. As you move from Form Five to Form Six, you cannot depend on memorizing to score. In fact, STPM is a very well-coordinated pre-university education program. It would stand you in good stead regardless of whether you get your tertiary education in Malaysia or overseas.
Even I got a new offer but I still continue my study at Polytechnic until finish the final exam for that semester. That is because I want to know my level of standard. That is really challenging, because I just have 10 days to prepare to go UiTM Terengganu. Leave Polytechnic really make me sad and challenging. Yeah because I have a lot of friends and they said that don’t go! I really sad and I were cried when the last day there.

For those of you who are not able to make it to a university, don't lose heart. STPM is part of a foundational education for everyone. In these years, you develop critical thinking skills which prepares you for working life. At the end of the two years, you get a certificate which entitles you to a higher salary scale than an SPM-holder.

SPM is a stepping stone to other achievements in life.

Ponder upon what I've said and be clear about what you want to do after SPM.

Monday, September 14, 2009

eSSay 1 : My journey after SPM..

All people have their own memory that they want to share with others or not.

A clear goal is like a lighthouse in a storm.

Thank you.

download, 32 kb.
download, 32 kb.

Reading comprehension, English comprehension after spm

I'm glad so many of you turned up for this afternoon's talk. At this moment, all your thoughts and activities are geared towards doing well in your SPM examination.

Answer the following questions using complete sentences
1. Why would some students feel lost after the SPM exams are over ?
2. How do practical skills help SPM-leavers looking for jobs ?
3. How do most of the Form Five students feel about stopping their studies after their SPM ?
4. Why do some students prefer twining programs to a tertiary education in a local university ?
5. Give two ways in which students can get a degree without going through STPM.
6. Why do most students do badly in STPM ?
7. According to the passage, why is STPM worth taking ? Give two reasons to support your answer.
Fill in the blanks with one correct word from the passage.
8. You are given four ______ to choose from : A, B, C and D.
9. The ______ of oil palm fruits must be done as soon as the fruits are harvested to prevent them from turning bad.
The teenage life is one of the pertinence for the young to reap the fruits of their labor. Emotional changes, physical changes and spiritual changes should spur the youngsters towards optimism. In sequence with life’s trials and tribulations, teenage life is a duration for one to learn to overcome obstacles and to face the challenges of a changing life style.

10. The old man who was knocked down by a lorry is in a ______ condition, and may die if he does not respond to the treatment given.
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They do not have a clear goal to work towards.


Having practical skills makes it easier for them to find better paying jobs.


Most of them feel that they'd rather continue with their studies.


They can study for a degree as they like, and complete it in a shorter time.


The two ways are: (i) They can join a twinning program after SPM and get a degree from a foreign university.

(ii) They can join the Matriculation or Diploma program in a local university after SPM.
6. They used the wrong method of studying for the STPM exams.
7. STPM equips a person with the necessary knowledge and skills for his future use.
The week of orientation they really make me tired, but that is what I want. Be a good person, patient, and adventurer. Everyday my parents call me and ask many things. I am so funny and sad also hehehehhe. Of course I am their youngest children! In my college I have a lot of friends. They came from Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Penang and etc. I am really happy because I got many friends. We eat together, make a conversation and do assignment together. I was really happy in this college. Here also I can speak their mother languages like “kelantaniest people. I am so proud that god gives me more friends to know and appreciate our life. I am really closed with all of my friends there. We hang out together, shopping together and study together. I am really enjoying study here even I am very far from my family about 6 to 7 hours to reach my home at shah alam from Kulim.

(i) It gives one a comprehensive academic groundwork for tertiary education. (Ii) it trains one to think critically and thus be better quipped for working life.
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