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Short essay on the Duties of a Good Citizen duty towards my country

A citizen is a person who lives in a particular country for a long time.

He may be born in the country or not but, by virtue of his long stay in the country he earns the right to the citizenship of the country and starts being so called.
My role in development is not to make Nepal like America but to leave my country as it is; not hiding her colours or forgetting her roots. I will try to help Nepal in any way I can. Being a Nepali, I have to work hard which will hopefully, one day, be beneficial to my motherland. Slowly but surely, Nepal will shine as the brightest star because I played my part together with all my fellow citizens living in every nook and corner of Nepal giving everything we could offer.

The basic difference in the acquired citizenship after stay and that of being a citizen by birth is that, when a person acquires it, it is to be by an application for the same. When a person is born in a place, he is automatically a citizen of it, and does not have to apply for it.

Now, as we all know that man, no matter where he stays, in the family, in the society, in the office or in the country, he has some obligations towards them.

These obligations of an individual are called duties.
We all love our country. Love should not just be an expression portrayed in words but should be visible in one’s actions. A patriot is an example of someone who observes and practices these rules. Unfortunately, this attitude is difficult to bring about in many people. We can say that steps for our nation’s welfare is a difficult route to take. Developing a country to make it better is the first and foremost duty of every citizen. Like every other person, even I have my own roles and responsibilities in the development of my country, Nepal.

Thus, in all his activities, man has some duties, and so as a citizen also man has some obligations to the country of his citizenship. In this Essay we will discuss the duties of a man as a citizen of a country.

As a student, I have learnt of Nepal’s backwardness and its underlying factors. This imposes as a difficult challenge if I am to promote my country but as long as I take my mind off the negative factors, I can be successful in completing my duty.

When a person belongs to a particular country whether the country of his birth or the country that he has adopted due to a long stay, it is to be remembered that, the country has nurtured him.

He has grown there, avails of all facilities and advantages that accrue to the people of the country and has been granted all kinds of rights of the citizens of that country.

This is given to an individual because it is all necessary for the healthy growth of the individual.

If he was not to be given that, he may not have been able to grow to his full bloom.
Development for a country is essential like oxygen for living things. Development gives any country the fresh breath of air which living things need. I am not a grown-up with much knowledge about my country but I am positively aware of the role I must play in order to improve the condition of my country. There is a saying in Sanskrit, ‘Janani Janma Vumischa Swargadapi Gariyashi’ which means mother and motherland are greater than heaven. Therefore, taking this saying in mind, we must put in more effort to make this heaven even more heavenly.

This much is fine, but, this is only one side of the coin of citizenship.

When on the one hand an individual is given so much, the other side of the coin would obviously be to clarify and express his duties.

For, let us never forget that, all rights have their corresponding duties.
After independence the Motherland is most probably the greatest casualty in India. The Motherland is free and we have nothing to do with her. She may arrange her affairs as she thinks proper as if the Motherland is different from us. Our forefathers did a lot to free her. Now that she is free our duty is over. Such thinking is very common in our country. The true concept was given by Nehru. He said by Motherland we mean the land, the rivers, the mountains, all the natural wealth and the people of the country. Thus we too are a part of the Motherland. If we think of the prosperity of the Motherland we think of our own prosperity.

Every right that a human being enjoys in any sphere of life, there are his corresponding duties that go hand in hand with these rights. Thus, on the one hand are the rights of the citizen and the other side are his duties.

Many people leave Nepal because of their poor condition and settlement. I understand that I should not think of migrating to foreign countries but help to make Nepal a destination country for others. To achieve that, I must study hard. The previous generation made Nepal a good place for us to call home and today, it is my generation’s turn to make it even better for the future generations to live in. That being said, I am not capable of doing it alone. Hence, everyone should take their part in it.

A good citizen has to fulfill several duties in order to honestly enjoy all his rights. The first duty of a good citizen is to understand his rights and enjoy them but, with wisdom and an analytical mind.

To serve the sons of the Mother is to serve the Mother. There is ignorance, illiteracy and poverty among at least eighty per cent of the people. These can never be removed by the government. Youth should organize field work. We should adopt a village. All young men should adopt villages. We should concentrate on removing illiteracy and ignorance first by arranging adult education, child education and education among women.

He must be loyal to the country that gives him all that it has, to enjoy and grow.

He must consider the country of his living, as his own mother, for, just like the mother helps a child to grow, so does the country provide for him all that he needs to grow in every way, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Then when a country gives so much, is it not its right to demand loyalty from the individual? How can the country ever expect or accept disloyalty from a man it helps live and grow.

How can disloyalty to a mother be accepted? Such breach of faith and loyalty, to my mind should be considered as a grave offence.

Besides, can we ever disown a mother? Thus a good citizen is one who is always found to be proud of belonging to his country - whether of birth or after living.
Our greatest duty towards the Motherland is to create national consciousness among the people, especially the youth. They should realize that if the Motherland suffers all of us suffer. We should unite and strengthen the country so that it may not be slave again. The forces that were responsible for the partition of the country always raise their head to create disunity. We should build up man force to face them. It cannot be done by raising slogans or arranging processions. To build a real sense of pride for the country we must stick to grass root work. It requires a man to man contact not for personal ends but for the Motherland.

The second quality of a good citizen is that he should always follow all the laws of the land meticulously with the greatest of caution. He should never be found breaking or flouting any law.

He must love and respect all his fellow citizens who are to him like his brothers and sisters.

The society in which the good citizen lives, must feel his presence as a good person, a reliable person and as a loving and helpful person. He himself must be a good brother/sister to the others living in that country.
On April 25, an earthquake struck Nepal. This is what Nepal will be known for — a victim of Mother Nature’s wrath instead of the country of Mount Everest or The Gurkhas. We do not need sympathy but we deserve an applause for standing tall despite the tremor that was supposed to make us fall. We also need to be known for our great work, our colours and our nature.

Besides being good, a duty of a good citizen also extends to his helping in the development of the country of his residence, because of the simple reason that, it is his, it belongs to him. Respect for all that belongs to that country is also one great quality expected from a good citizen.

Thus, a good citizen is one who adjusts with his environment, lives up to the expectations of his fellowmen, according to all norms and rules of the country.

He does not act in any way that brings any sort of dishonor to the country. With all these essential qualities, any individual belonging to any country can be called a good citizen. A citizen fulfilling these norms will be termed as a good citizen in any country.

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