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    The Amish have a distinctive and unique culture, do you agree? By Lilli Belfield 10JTH The Amish culture has a very distinct and unique culture.

    Many Amish settled in Pennsylvania in the 1720's due to William Penn's "Holy Experiment" in religious tolerance. The Amish try to preserve the 17th century European culture. In Wayne county Ohio in the 1860's a series of conferences were held to discuss modern pressures. The Amish split into different divisions as a result of these conferences, including the Old Order Amish and other liberal groups.

    It's rules, regulations, beliefs and take on life is very different to our norms. In this essay I will explore the Amish culture. One of the things very central to an Amish life is their religion. Amish people have Christian beliefs and believe that living how god wants them to is essential.
    Menno Simons, who was a Dutch Anabaptist leader, founded the Mennonites. The Mennonites fled to Switzerland to avoid persecution. The Amish group is a sub division of the Mennonites. Simmons wrote the Dordrecht Confession of Faith in 1632 and Jacob Amman, who founded the Amish, based his practices.

    This way of life is called Gelassenheit. This is basically when they submit to god's guidance and serve others. Another thing that is important to the Amish culture is the way the men and women have there own set roles.
    During "the radical reformation" in sixteenth century Europe, Luther and Calvin were in favor of different ideas of individual freedom. Believers in Luther and Calvin's reform took these ideas and came to their own conclusions. These ideas were much different than the accepted Roman Catholic and Protestant religions. Therefore most groups were persecuted and murdered.

    For example the women make the food and clothes where as the men do farm work and woodcraft. This separation of the jobs the men and women do is a old fashion idea and shows how the Amish live very much out of 21st century life.
    The Anabaptists, who were one of the larger groups, founded religious movements called "free churches" as opposed to state churches. They believed in the total separation of church and state and had worship services in the home instead of church.

    A belief that is also is important to the Amish is that where as we live in a multicultural society the Amish live separately. more.


    In our culture there is nothing wrong with a man being a chef or a women being a mechanic where as in the Amish culture this wouldn't be acceptable. Rejection to violence in the Amish culture is a big thing where as in the British culture we try to condone it but it is still part of our everyday lives. People in the British culture are always getting murdered, stabbed etc. where as in the Amish culture this is almost unheard of. The deterrents for these in our societies are also different as in British culture we have such sanctions as being arrested, put in jail etc. where as in the Amish culture the simple punishment is to be shunned. One of the most major contrasts between our cultures is the idea of Gelassenheit as in the British culture it is like wrong to be un-fashionable, to not wear jewellery and make-up, to not style your hair and to wear bright fabric where as in the Amish culture these things would be strictly looked down upon as they go against there idea of Gelassenheit, which basically means to give up any selfish idea and live how god wanted you to. more.


    Now after finding out about the Amish cultures norms and deviants and finding out about their everyday lives and how they live compared to being part of the British culture I can say that there are aspects of their lives that I could relate to and would be quite happy to include in my life but there are such things that I find hard to relate to, understand, and would not want to be a part of. After taking all things into consideration I wouldn't swap places to go into the Amish culture and way of life my reasons for this decision is that everyday things to me such as computers, clothes, television, electricity and most of all music has grown a custom to my life and I think it would be hard to be without them although if I was born into a Amish culture I think it might be quite a nice life although you don't have these things because you have never had them to know what it is like to be without them. To conclude I think that the Amish culture is interesting, unique and distinctive and certainly different to our way of life. more.

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