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Watching movie at the cinema or at home? Discuss and state your opinion.

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Topic : Watching movie at the cinema or at home? Discuss and state your opinion.

Nowadays, mass media have brought a wide range of choices for people to enjoy classic movie or film which are a phenomenon on cinema industry.
Cinema has been a cardinal means of mass communication. It is a reliable and meaningful means of information and entertainment. In popularity and appeal, it is far ahead of other available media of mass communication. Like literature, it is a reflection of society, customs, values, culture and diverse socio-economic propositions and has a great impact on the successive generations of society in multiple ways. Like other work of arts, cinema is the reflection of the hopes, aspirations, happiness, dejections, frustrations and contradictions of the society in which it is conceived and created. With the passage of time and changing socio-economic conditions the objectives and values of cinema have undergone dramatic changes, which have on the one side, brought the betterment of the society while on the other hand, given birth to a set of social evils and complicated issues.

Some people argue that watching movie at the cinema is best choice to enjoy all type of movie while many other contend that home is extremely option as well.

Cinema has conducted...

please check the grammar. coherence and cohesion for me. Do I address the question?
Nowadays, mass media has brought a wide range of choices for people to enjoy, such as classic movies or films , which are phenomenaof cinema industry.
Some people argue that watching movies at the cinema is the best choice in order to enjoy all types of movies, while many other contend that home is an extremely option as well.
The cinema occupies a very important place in modern life. In every large city, there are several cinema houses, while even the smallest town can boast of one or two. Mobile cinema houses now reach even the remote villages. Young and old, men and women, all like to enjoy a picture. In big cities, thousands may be seen every evening going to enjoy a cinema show. It, therefore, exercises a profound influence on the minds of the people, especially on those of the young.

An extremely _______ option. Fill that in.

Cinema has conducted people into film with wide screen, excellent sound and exciting atmosphere. Attendants can have a good feeling when they sit in the cinema. They are also served by cinema staffs that are pleased to help every time.
The cinema is also an important means of publicity and propaganda. The government uses it to place its own programmes and achievements before the people. It is through the cinema that the people are being the country. It also serves as an important means of social reform. Various social evils as untouchability, child marriage, purdah system, etc, are shown in a light. So the people are made to dislike these evils.

However, they have to spend money to receive all kinds of services. In addition, they are required to travel from their home to the cinema.

Another choice for enjoying a movie is to do so at home. In comparison with cinema, wide screen and fantastic sound system do not existed in your house and you must prepare everything like food and seating for yourself.
Making of cinema today is based on transmitting good amount of message for society, as it highlights the ills and ingrained socio-economic and cultural problems concentrated in our society. It is a mirror of society as it displays the plight of women, who are impoverished, underprivileged, oppressed and marginalised and it is quite visible in every comer of the society. It brings diverse social issues to the fore and gives ideas to the society to either curb or eliminate every menace through it too. Cinema helps society in general and individual in particular in bringing happiness, peace and tranquillity, prosperity, harmony and creating cordial ambience to live amicably. Cinema helps people of diverse races, castes, creeds, cultures, communities and religions coming from diverse corners of the world to peacefully coexist by understanding their customs, religions, social behaviours, cultures, values and languages.

On the other hand, there are some advantages when you watch a film at home. You will save a great deal of money and time because you do not have to buy a ticket or extra service and you can still enjoy the movie without having to travel . Secondly, you can choose food depending on your favorites, such as fried chicken, apple, or beer, which is probably banned at the cinema.
Films which provide information, education and values are known as family entertainers and many of them can be viewed again when they are telecast on television. Though the cinema experience may not be available on television, it’s perfect for the second or third viewing.

Pajamas are also acceptable if you watch a film at home. Moreover, you can chang e the film if it makes you bored or even if it is not enough interesting to you. These benefits bring a comfortable feeling to you.
We used to watch films only in a cinema but these days films are shown on television within three months of its release on the big screen. With the introduction of multiplexes, where one can see more than one film, do some shopping and also enjoy a sumptuous meal, all under one roof of a mall. Films have a great influence on the general public and this allows cinemas to flourish as commercial ventures. Films are popular since it appeals to the viewer’s sight and auditory senses.

To conclude , from my standpoint , I prefer watching a movie at home is better than doing so at the cinema because you can eat what you like, do what you want, and wear what you feel comfortable wearing.
However, no one can ignore the great advantages that the cinema is bringing besides the entertainment and relaxation. The cinema helps to spread knowledge, to remind people about their past and present. There are movies which portray some of the famous battles in the past, the heroes who are forever to be forgotten and some events after being made into movies shall never fade away in the watchers’ minds. Movies which send meaningful messages about the world, the environment or humanity will live on from generation to generation. Movies tell us to never forget about people who had struggled to bring us our lives today. They tell us to appreciate our present as well as keep moving forward to the future. In this respect, the cinema could be regarded as a school where the dullest students could easily learn a good few of valuable lessons from educational movies. This is a thing that books and teachers have failed to achieve. For instance, a student by watching a movie could learn by heart all the necessary historical happenings, which could be bored stiff if they were written into books. Such is the effect of the film, and in many countries, educational authorities are trying to make the best use of the cinema to spread knowledge and information.

Dear Yayz. Thanks for your help. however, I am still confused about your check
- attendance (n) : being present somewhere or the number of people who go to or present at a place
- attendant (n) : a person whose job is to serve or help people in a public place
=> We should use " attendance" in this case. is that right?

- nearly same with " seat" and " seating"
- which ( fried chicken, apple, or beer,) are ...

please reply if you have a different opinion. Thank so much

"Attendants can have good feelings when they sit in the cinema."
Yes, here you are talking about people (who can be known as attendants) having good feelings. "Attendants" is the logical choice for this sentence. "Attendance" does not make sense because "the number of.." cannot have good feelings, right?

"you must prepare everything like food and seating for yourself"

If you take out "food and" you will have "you must prepare everything like seating for yourself"
or "you must prepare everything like seat for yourself" You cannnot "prepare seat," that is grammatically incorrect phrasing. You can prepare "seats" or "seating," but in this context to prepare "seat" does not make sense unless you write "prepare a seat for yourself." The latter is also a choice you can go with. After all, what I wrote up there were just suggestions, not cold, hard commands =)

"such as fried chicken, apple, or beer, which is probably banned at the cinema"
"is" is singular; "are" is plural. If you use "are" here, you must be talking about more than one thing. In this case, you would be saying that apples are banned at the cinema.
A newspaper has recently carried out a survey on movies shown on the big screen. Surprisingly, the number of violent and thrilling movies, which are usually meant for people above the age of 18, is rapidly increasing while comedies, family ones accounts for a small percentage. Movies showing criminal activities and the sensual desires can easily cause harm to the youths. Although the producers of those movies often end them with the triumph to the good, they are still unable to control the number of criminals under age rising everyday in populous cities. Young people can take after the characters in the movies they have seen which are mostly fictional. It would be terrifying if some of them were hopeless at distinguishing the real world with the virtual one. Besides, you waste 6 $ each time you purchase a ticket for admittance to the cinema and 6 $ more to pay for snacks during the movie. The amount of money might be small in one point but it could turn out to be thousands if you became addicted to visiting the cinema.

I thought that apples were allowed in the cinema so I changed the verb to "is" so that it would refer only to beer. I suppose that is just my bias; I have always felt that I could eat apples in a movie theatre.
When you read a profile of your friends on a social network, it is common to meet the phrase “going to the cinema” listed as one of their favorite part-time hobbies. Moreover, incoming movies are always a hot topic for teenagers nowadays to chat about. It’s the fact that the cinema has been playing an important role in the modern life. It attracts large numbers of people everyday from a college student to a successful businessman. The cinema is now a part of our daily life and hence, needs to be thoroughly considered.

So again, that was just a suggestion, I do not know the laws of the theatres so well! I am glad you brought up this point, as it will help make your essay clearer.
Hi Yayz, I got it.Thank you so much. I am beginner,so just want to know exactly my mistakes.
"Attendants can have good feelings when they sit in the cinema."--- Yayz is right. It is a logical choice. BUT I want to tell you that people do not always speak and write in logical ways! :-) ha ha... another word that would fit logically is this: Patrons.

Yet, we do not use the word patron or attendant very often for this purpose.
It is therefore clear that the cinema has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Often the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Those who visit the cinema with the purpose of learning something good are sure to benefit from almost every visit to the cinema.

We usually say patron when talking about someone who goes to a restaurant, and we say attendant when we talk about someone who attends to something by taking care of it... like an attendant at a laundromat.

Your choices are not wrong, but I want to tell you how people usually speak and write:

Cinema has conducted people into introduced people to film on a wide screen, excellent sound, and an exciting atmosphere.
Movies play a big role in the development and direction of the society. Films that show virtuous characters tend to inspire people to do good. In the same way, villainous characters bring out the evil in people and make people indulge in criminal activities. Films provide entertainment to both the rich and the poor and we should choose what we watch. Besides providing entertainment, films educate and inform the viewers of various social aspects and how we should live our lives, what we should tolerate and how we should go about objecting and the wrong meted out to us. Educational films show us geography, history and science and bring out a lot of details students may not be able to experience only through reading.

Viewers can have a good feeling when they sit in the cinema. They are also served by cinema staff members that are pleased to help every time. However, they have

To conclude, from my standpoint, I prefer watching a movie at home, because doing so enables you to eat what you like, do what you want, and wear what you feel comfortable wearing.
However, it will have to be admitted that cinema has been facing stiff competition from T.V. with the availability of number of channels. As a result, the quality of pictures has gone down. The Cinema halls, too, are not run of films tell their own story. New halls are no longer being constructed and the old are either deteriorating or being pulled down.

download, 19 kb.
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