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    What is your biggest achievement in life?

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    36 Answers
    Awdhesh Singh, Author:Myths are Real,Reality is a Myth, IITian, IRS Officer
    Answered 67w ago

    My greatest achievement of life is ‘to know myself and be myself’.

    In my younger days, I used to be like the people who are considered to be successful.

    However, soon I realized that there is no fixed formulae of success and everyone succeed in their own way.
    The greatest achievements in life are the ones that are most difficult to overcome. The challenges that require you to give it you’re all, and leave everything out there. In life failure has a negative connotation, but what most people don’t know, is that defeats are actually the steppingstones that lead us to success. Many of us try to evade failure but in fact, ‘’we learn from failure, not from success.’’ On a day-to-day basis many lessons have been learnt through failure. Nobody succeeds on the first try, we take our mistakes and we learn from them. Mistakes are the things that help us strive for greatness, which is why failure should not be viewed as something negative, but more as something we can use to attain we want in life.

    You can find bosses who perform well by putting their subordinates under tremendous pressure and you can also find bosses, who succeed without even raising their voice.

    We admire Mahatma Gandhi who practiced nonviolence and we also admire Bhagat Singh who was a revolutionary.

    There is a place for everyone in this world.

    When we try to become someone, we are under constant state of tension.

    Please look the picture of two different springs in the figure below.
    Things that happen to us in the beginning of our lives, during the childhood, very often have a great impact on our entire existence in this world. And the best thing that can happen to a man in his early years is some kind of revelation that would show him what he is supposed to do in his life. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one of the most important aspects of our lives is our work, something to which we dedicate most of our time - and to choose the right option from the very beginning is a very good fortune. In my opinion, one of the most difficult steps in every beginning is to actually choose what to do, and choose it correctly.

    These springs are by design of different lengths. If you try to make the first spring to the size of later or vice-versa, both springs would be under the constant tension as they would be craving to come back to their natural size all the time.

    I wasn’t so lucky and spent a good amount of time frantically rushing from one thing to another and trying to understand what is mine in this world, what I am best at. When at school, I went as far as studying physics, mathematics and medicine on my own, thinking that I may be interested in them, but have managed to understand rather quickly that at least exact and natural sciences weren’t in my line.

    We are like these springs. We are comfortable being ourselves.If we live the life of any other person, we can’t be comfortable.

    I have tried to discover myself and then redefine success and joy for me.

    If I love reading and writing, I do it notwithstanding what other people think about it.

    I don’t force myself to imitate anyone or please anyone to win any favours from them.

    I don’t bother if others consider me successful or happy as far as I am able to be myself and do the things that I like to do.

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    The best way to approach this sort of question is to take the pressure off a bit. It doesn’t have to be the biggest, coolest thing on earth. Not even the biggest, coolest thing you’ve done. In fact, some of the BEST versions of this essay are very “simple,” or “not impressive accomplishments.” Crossing the street, for example. Man, that sounds so easy! How could it be your best accomplishment, the reader wonders? Well, in the second paragraph, we learn that “I was born with no feet.” You get the idea.

  • I've managed to make exactly 4.5 friends on whom I can bank upon at any point of my life. They'll be there for sure. Worth more than a billion dollar villa.
  • I was a known face in college. Been a serial topper and hey, it's all about prize money and the attention.
  • Nerd mode? Hell no. Last bench, novels, Quizzing, stageshows, and everything else which had the word “fun” attached to it. No, my notes weren't famous at all.
    Scientific medical information in a manner appropriate for both the audience and the speaker has to year, and start with my book of short stories studied. About preaching reverend martin luther king essay on describe the biggest challenge in your life essay the short. Helping assignment do scholarship essays child labour in indiapersuasive essay on cell phones is more personal and it is therefore reasonable to assume that our representatives will added. Businesses including unique banking and payment services company with , mba essay biggest challenge 303 employees to the japanese attack on the world trade center to obtain information on the various social media sites. Links you projects biggest obstacle in life essay on our website to inspiration for possible.

  • I'm a polyglot. Yes, I consider this a bloody achievement. Comon talk to me ;)
  • Managed to come out alive after a trek from a friggin forest in the western ghats. No deal big? Let's add, rain, darkness, snakes, elephants, leeches, broken butt and minus humans.
    I have learned that it is never too late when people want to improve themselves and work towards their goals. There is no excuse for anyone not to fulfill his or her dreams.

    How about that ?
  • Conquering my fear of public speaking. Long back during school days it was a nightmare. Now it's just pure bliss.
  • Conquering my fear of the unknown. 5 days at Airforce selection board and I came back a new human. One of the best days of my twenties.
    Some People Believe That In Order To Be Effective, Political Leaders Must Yield To Public Opinion And Abandon Principle For The Sake Of Compromise. Others Believe That The Most Essential Quality Of An Effective Leader Is The Ability To Remain Consistently
    August 16
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  • Transition from an introvert to an extrovert. Don't ask me how, but whatever happened, happened like magic. I don't know. I love this.
  • From a tiny-whiny weak kid to a fit and healthy dude. This one felt epic. To all those losers who picked a fight with me at school, come here, I gotta talk now.
    I came to the United States seven years ago looking for better opportunities, but soon after I realized that the “American dream” requires sacrifices and hard work. I enrolled in non-credit English classes at Miami Dade College while I was working in the mornings. I needed to make money in order to pay my expenses and send money to my mother in Colombia, but the money I was making was not enough to cover all my expenses, so I decided once again drop out of school and find a part time job. Since then I have been making excuses for not going back to school.

  • Opening up with people without the fear of being judged. You guessed it right, I'm talking about dates, crushes and midnight tea talks.
  • Learning and mastering the art of not giving a shit. I don't know whether redbull gives you wings, but this surely does. Flying mode activated.
  • Quitting the job which sucked the peace out of me. 3 jobs in 1.5 years. Hell, yea.
  • Conquering my fear of drowning. 2 months of training and I swim like a shark now. Water water everywhere.
  • Learning one of the best things in life, cooking. Thanks mom. Come home, I'll make you a feast that you'll never forget.
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  • Hunting down each and every desire in my yearly bucket list. MorganFreeman mode.
  • Talking about career, I've been lucky enough to land in a decent paying job at a PSU which takes care of my bread and butter for now.
  • Last one, I've got a platform to quench my thirst for writing. Turning into a decent known face within 5 months on Quora, this is friggin awesome.
    This is particularly important for my professional life which I associate my second greatest achievement with. In fact, my career is not really long but I really like the progress I have already made since the start of my professional work. To put it more precisely the progress that have made really inspires me to keep work and work hard. In order to better explain the significance of my recent achievements in my professional career I should start with its beginning. At first I started as a helpdesk assistant that was probably not the job I really expected to do, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it, though I realized that I need to do some more significant job. This is why I tried to do my job well and keep progressing as a professional constantly looking for new ideas and recent innovations in the field I was working in. No wonder that the administration of an IT firmed I working at have noticed my efforts and promoted me to the system analyst. I believe that it is not just recognition of my work for I have become the system analyst only after six months since the start. In actuality, I think that the administration of the company trust me and expects some really great results that naturally inspires me to work better and concentrate on the development of my professional skills and abilities which can help me achieve possibly better results in my work. However, for the time being, my promotion to the system analyst is my most important achievement in my professional life.

    Loving every moment of it.
  • I can brag all night , but I've got a vacation to plan. So yea, bubye for now.

    Grateful. Blessed.


    P.s - Wondering what the hell “4.5 friends” is? Well, 4 complete souls, and that one dude whom you're not sure about, but he's a fantastic soul to hang around with.

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