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He should read novels, articles, newspapers etc.

This is the first & foremost duty of the students. They must learn to have good health. This can be done by participating in sports & games. Character formation should go hand in hand. It includes good habits, manners & etiquette. High thinking & simple living should be their prime motto. Education is the system that can make it happen. So students must pay full attention towards their studies to determine their future.

Besides he must perform extracurricular activities, such as- singing, dancing, debating, etc. All these things will give them not only refreshment, but also a deep sense of life. It will increase their ability. A sound mind lives in a sound body. A student must maintain a sound body in order to maintain a sound health.
Student life is a temporary period of man’s life but it is of vital importance. It Is the time when the seed of future prosperity and happiness is to be sown. As he will sow at this stage of life, so will be reap in this later life. Therefore, an ideal student is to cultivate all the good qualities of a man during this time in order to built a happy and proerous life. The first duty of an ideal student is to study. Learning with an ideal student is a “jeaIous mistress”, as Mr. Haldane points out. The students constitute a class by themselves. Great responsibilities lie on them. His parents need not goad him. He takes up his studies with all seriousness. He does not allow any other activity to disturb or to distract him.

If his body and health is not sound he can't be studious and enrich his mind. Physical exercise also gives him strength and curiosity. Every person must perform some duties towards his parents and family.
Students also owe some duties towards their family as well. It includes their teachers, elders & parents. Parents introduce them into this delightful & beautiful world. So it is the responsibility of students as well to repay this huge debt that they owe to their parents. Students owe to their teachers & elders too who are responsible for guiding them towards becoming responsible and respectable members of society.

He should oblige the parents and respect their view. He should not disobey or hurt them. ...read more.


And most of all he must raise a sense of patriotism in his mind. Without giving value of time, life can't be enriched.

There are much duty and responsibility of a student. The first and foremost duty of a student is to acquire knowledge. But, he must not confine himself to the prescribed books only. He must read newspaper, magazines, nobles, dramas during his leisure. This kind of reading will widen their mental horizon and enable them to be acquainted with many things of the world. Moreover, he should follow some rules and regulations. He should not waste valuable time. He should attend to his class regularly. We know that good health is the key to success. To be successful in life, a student must take care of his health. To keep his body fit, he should take regular physical exercise. Because, without taking physical exercise, a student cannot lead a healthy and comfortable life.

Every famous person in history made proper use of time. A student should give the proper value of time. He must do his every work in time. Industry is the key to all success. A student should be hardworking.
Another important duty of the students is to prepare them for the career they want to pursue. It is in school life that the future career takes roots. During school life, one becomes aware of one’s abilities, limitations and the different professions available. Therefore, during this stage they should make up their mind as to what they should become in life. School life is the right time to make proper choice of one’s career.

He mustn't pass his time idly. He should work hard and try hard. To a student, his teachers are the most respectful persons after his parents. So, a student should obey his teachers. He must respect them. He mustn't do any kind of insulting activities towards them.
An ideal student takes interest in politics but in a limited way. He tries his best to understand what is happening in the country and in the world. But he keeps his mind open. He does not attach himself to any political party. It is only in times of national crisis that he may give up his studies and take active part in politics.

Though, student life has lots of duties and responsibilities, it is the most enjoyable part of life. But besides enjoying, everyone should be aware of the duties without wasting time to gain the perfect goal of life.
The prime duties of students are to study and keep abreast of current issues. Students should avoid the internal affairs of politics so that political parties can not exploit them. They should have the zeal to serve their mother land. The students cannot be isolated from a social and public life. Discipline and love for the country will go a long way in realizing the noble virtue of patriotism.

...read more.

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